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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rising cyber-nationalism leads to amplified cyber-mistrust

  Inside the latest Internet Explorer vulnerability | JPMorgan Chase customers see zero balances after technical glitch
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Rising cyber-nationalism leads to amplified cyber-mistrust
Though once a rare topic, today the air is filled with accusations of state-sponsored cyber-espionage and break-ins as the governments of U.S., China, Russia, Israel, India and Iran, among others, can be heard calling foreign cyberattacks a threat. The effect is a powerfully accelerating cyber-nationalism that's driving buildup of cyber-commands and general rancor that may spill over into trade relations. Read More

WEBCAST: HP Intel VMware

Your IT Journey - Your Way
Faced with unrelenting pressure to do more with less, IT leaders are implementing virtualization, mobility and cloud computing in their enterprises. In this Knowledge Vault Exchange you'll find a plethora of valuable information, including videos, on-demand Webcasts, white papers and Twitter chats. View Now!


SMB Security Guide
Amidst evolving cybersecurity threats, SMBs must be armed for the worst in order to drive innovation in today's decentralized, mobile workforce. Join this live webcast Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 11:00 AM EDT as we explore everything from threats and vulnerabilities to new security models and risk management best practices. Learn more.

Inside the latest Internet Explorer vulnerability
Recently discovered vulnerability CVE-2013-0027 flooded almost all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and affected operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, including all the major server versions. Microsoft resolved 13 privately reported vulnerabilities in a subsequent security bulletin. Read More

JPMorgan Chase customers see zero balances after technical glitch
Customers of JPMorgan Chase reported seeing zero balances in their accounts both online and on mobile, and speculated that the bank's systems had been hacked into. Read More


3 Steps to a Cost-Effective Mobile Strategy
In the new Moovweb white paper, "Creating the Right Mobile Strategy: What You Need to Know Before You Get Started", get the insight you need to make an educated decision on the move to mobile. Read Now!

Is the World Ready for the Intersection of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Security?
A few years ago, SDN was an esoteric concept driven by academics. Some networking vendors were intrigued but many looked at it as nothing more than a science project. Fast forward to 2013 and networking vendors are tripping over each other to pledge their SDN support and crow about their SDN strategies. Read More

Bill would force agencies to take proactive security approach
Bipartisan House bill would require feds monitor computer systems for cyberthreats and perform regular threat assessments Read More


Scale Your DNS Infrastructure to Protect Your Business
DNS continues to be a tempting target for attackers, and when they succeed in disrupting DNS, all external data center services are affected. This paper helps organizations confronting these growth and security challenges understand how a new, full-proxy architecture for DNS provides a complete solution for global, local, and cloud load balancing. Learn More.

Judge ignores leniency plea, hands AT&T hacker a 41-month-sentence
A federal judge today sentenced hacker Andrew Auernheimer's to 41 months in prison for illegally accessing email addresses and other data belonging to more than 120,000 iPad subscribers from AT&T's networks. Read More

How to Work With IT Recruiters to Find Top Tech Talent
The tech job market--especially within certain areas such as big data, application development and cloud computing--is a competitive environment. Read More

Third-party apps ripe targets for cybercriminals, Secunia says
Third-party apps continued to be juicy targets for cybercriminals, primarily because the programs are rife with vulnerabilities, according to Secunia. Read More



The Goog-father: Google's big shakeup isn't personal ... just business

Today, Google takes care of all family business.


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