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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Microsoft: Goldfish have higher attention spans than we do thanks to digital lifestyles

China-based hackers used Microsoft's TechNet for attacks | Microsoft introduces the many flavors of Windows 10

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Microsoft: Goldfish have higher attention spans than we do thanks to digital lifestyles
If you use multiple digital devices, then your attention span may have evolved to the point where you have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Kaminario

Testing of VMware View VDI on Kaminario K2 storage
This technical report covers detailed performance and efficiency tests for the Kaminario K2 array supporting VMware Horizon View virtual desktops that quantify its ability to support a range of critical VDI workloads. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Unitrends

Six Fairy Tales of VMware and Hyper-V Backup
Cinderella. Snow White. Hansel and Gretal. These famous fairy tales have one thing in common - they are fiction. In this paper we explore six fairy tales of VMware and Hyper-V backup. View Now.

China-based hackers used Microsoft's TechNet for attacks
Microsoft has taken steps to stop a China-based hacking group from using its TechNet website as part of its attack infrastructure, according to security vendor FireEye. Read More

Microsoft introduces the many flavors of Windows 10
Microsoft has announced the different versions of Windows due to ship later this year, and the company is building out the number of products, reversing its trend toward consolidation and fewer SKUs. Read More

Gartner: Cloud IaaS is a $16.5 billion market
Gartner research's latest Magic Quadrant shows that the cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market worth $16.5 billion, and it's led by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Read More


Solving the O365 Mobility Puzzle
If you're migrating from an existing on-premise Exchange environment -or setting up Office 365 for a new set of users- you'll need to address how to handle users accessing Office 365 from mobile devices. Read this eGuide now to discover how you can simplify the migration and deployment process around Office 365 to mobile devices. Learn more

Microsoft not to give deal to pirates
Microsoft retreated from earlier statements that owners of counterfeit copies of Windows 7 and 8.1 will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10 this summer. Now the company says they won't. Read More

Amazon's apps face uphill battle in the cloud vs. Microsoft and Google
Amazon Web Services may have a market-share lead in the IaaS cloud, but in the past year the company has begun to offer a series of applications that run on top of its cloud that have been produced by AWS. Read More

Bing joins Google in favoring mobile-friendly sites
Microsoft is adjusting how it ranks Bing search results for mobile users, prioritizing sites that display better on smaller screens to accommodate the increased use of mobile search. Read More

WEBCAST: Rimini Street

Navigating Operating Costs and Roadmap Uncertainties for SAP
New innovation and updates in core ERP lag as SAP focuses all its attention on a long-term, high-risk "re-platform" strategy with its newly announced S/4HANA suite. Join us on May 14th at 1:00 p.m. EST for a live discussion and expert insight. Learn More

Tableau revs its analytics engines with an online speed injection
Back in April, Tableau released version 9.0 of its flagship analytics software, and on Monday the company followed up with an update to the product's online edition that it says is up to 10 times faster than its predecessor. Read More

It's Google and Facebook's web, we just surf in it
It's not exactly news that Facebook and (especially) Google dominate a large portion of what happens online. Add in a few other major players—Apple, Amazon, Microsoft maybe, you know them all—and the supposedly wide-open internet increasingly seems like the private playground and captive market. Read More

Microsoft study claims technology shortens our attention span
In a report that may not surprise anyone, a new study from Microsoft reveals that our attention spans are at an all-time low, and the culprit, not surprisingly, is the ubiquity of technology which now touches every corner of our lives 24/7. Read More

Microsoft bars more enterprise devices from seeing Windows 10 upgrade 'nag' campaign
Microsoft last week modified an update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs so that fewer business devices will see a campaign hawking the Windows 10 upgrade with on-screen ads. Read More


13 must-have security tools

The experts weigh in on their top picks for protecting enterprise networks.


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