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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What are containers and why do you need them?

Bigger, better, faster: What does Wave 2 of 802.11ac have in store? | Akamai report: DDoS attacks doubled in Q1 2015, SSDP top attack vector

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What are containers and why do you need them?
Docker exploded onto the scene a couple of years ago, and it's been causing excitement in IT circles ever since. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Brocade Communications Systems, Inc

SDN: How do you get there from here?
Are the growing data needs of mobile, cloud, big data and social threatening today's enterprise networks? Scalable processes, a phased integration approach and the appetite to optimize over time are key components of a modern network. It's how agile organizations prepare for the data needs of tomorrow. Learn more >>

WHITE PAPER: Alert Logic

6 Tips for a Successful Incident Response Program
Having a plan for responding to a data breach when it happens is imperative in today's business climate. It could mean the difference between your business recovering and getting back on track, or not. But do you know where to start? This tip sheet outlines six areas you should include when putting your response plan together. View Now.

Bigger, better, faster: What does Wave 2 of 802.11ac have in store?
Improvement is a part of life. You don't have to look hard to see examples of certain things that have already realized their great potential for improvement. But what about things we take for granted, like wireless? Read More

Akamai report: DDoS attacks doubled in Q1 2015, SSDP top attack vector
The number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in first quarter of 2015 has more than doubled the number of DDoS attacks in Q1 of 2014, according to Akamai Technologies' Q1 2015 State of the Internet Security report. Read More

Cisco, Chambers looking for one last shot at VMware?
Reports surfaced last week that Cisco may be close to buying hyperconvergence start-up Nutanix. Read More


Selecting a Mobile App Development Platform Solution
Compare the top mobile application development platforms that should be on every enterprise shortlist. Learn More

Startup Cyber adAPT takes on threat detection
Cyber adAPT, a startup springing from DARPA funded research, is shipping its first products that detect network compromises and gather data that can be used later for forensic analysis of breaches. Read More

Java at 20: How it changed programming forever
Remembering what the programming world was like in 1995 is no easy task. Object-oriented programming, for one, was an accepted but seldom practiced paradigm, with much of what passed as so-called object-oriented programs being little more than rebranded C code that used >> instead of printf and class instead of struct. Read More

Java's key to success is simplicity
Java's success in remaining relevant on the ever-changing landscape of software development has been its relative simplicity. On Wednesday, Oracle celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the birth of the Java programming language with a blitz of marketing. Read More

: Rackspace

Is your Site driving sales away?
Are your ecommerce sales where you want them to be? If your answer is no, customer experience on your site may be to blame, causing abandoned shopping carts and lost sales. Learn which factors to evaluate for your site and how you can improve your sales performance using this infographic. View Now.

US proposes tighter export rules for computer security tools
The U.S. Commerce Department has proposed tighter export rules for computer security tools, a potentially controversial revision to an international agreement aimed at controlling weapons technology. Read More

Alcatel-Lucent uses SDN to meld IP, optical services
Alcatel-Lucent this week extended its carrier SDN product line with an automation and network control system designed to accelerate service provisioning from multivendor IP and optical infrastructure. Read More

Status check on OpenStack: The open source cloud has arrived
The open source cloud computing project OpenStack has hit its stride, backed by vendors like IBM, Rackspace, HP and Cisco it has emerged as the open source alternative to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google and VMware. Read More


13 must-have security tools

The experts weigh in on their top picks for protecting enterprise networks.


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