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Thursday, May 14, 2015

What if Windows went open source tomorrow?

Microsoft fixes 46 flaws in Windows, IE, Office, other products | Microsoft clarifies its Windows confusion, sort of

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What if Windows went open source tomorrow?
Thinking out loud about Microsoft making Windows an open source project is a great way to get your friends and colleagues wondering seriously about your mental health. It's an idea strange enough to sound practically paradoxical, like 'hot ice' or 'short Pink Floyd songs.' Read More

: Dell Inc.

Data Sheet: Dell Redhat Private Cloud Solutions
Dell and Red Hat offer prescribed configurations to accelerate the adoption of OpenStack enterprise clouds. This spec sheet lists the specifications of proof of concept and pilot configurations based on the Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions Reference Architecture. View now


3 Tough Business Challenges a Private Cloud Can Handle
More organizations are realizing that private cloud gives IT the right foundation to tackle three of their toughest business challenges. With the ability to leverage investments you've already made, a private cloud solution can be adopted incrementally and deliver a big payoff in the long run. Learn More

Microsoft fixes 46 flaws in Windows, IE, Office, other products
Fourteen critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer were among the targets of Microsoft's monthly batch of security patches released Tuesday. In all, it fixed 46 vulnerabilities across products including Windows, Internet Explorer and Office. Read More

Microsoft clarifies its Windows confusion, sort of
Internet news sites are hyperventilating over a comment made at the Ignite conference by a Microsoft executive that is not entirely accurate. The fault lies with the executive for not clarifying his comments and his choice of words in the first place, but for now, what's said is said and let's move on to the issue. Read More

Planning your Windows Server 2003 migration: Tips and resources
Many companies not making the migration off of Windows Server 2003 before support ends in July cite cost as the reason; either they can't afford it or they haven't got the budget this year but will later in the year or next year. If you are in such a scenario, you should still begin preparing for the eventual move and not wait until you have the money to begin planning. Read More


Improve the Performance of Your AWS Applications
Here are five best practices that can help you improve the end-user experience, simplify management, and reduce the cost of your AWS environment. Learn more.

How Real Madrid scores fan engagement in the cloud
During the Microsoft Ignite keynote in Chicago today, only one customer graced the stage, but it was a doozy: Real Madrid, the world's no. 1 sports franchise. Read More

Microsoft aims to increase confidence in cloud services with better networking
The company upgrades physical and virtual networking capabilities. Read More

Do you need a container-specific Linux distribution?
You've always been able to run containers on a variety of operating systems: Zones on Solaris; Jails on BSD; Docker on Linux and now Windows Server; OpenVZ on Linux, and so on. As Docker in particular and containers in general explode in popularity, operating system companies are taking a different tack. They're now arguing that to make the most of containers you need a skinny operating system to go with them. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems

A Powerful Defense Against Denial of Service Attacks
This white paper examines the current DoS landscape and discusses common approaches for dealing with the modern DoS threat. It explains how the Citrix NetScaler application delivery controller (ADC) provides a robust yet highly affordable foundation for an organization's DoS defenses. Learn more >>

Windows 10 can tap Cortana for help with data analysis
Users of the upcoming version of Windows will be able to call on its Cortana voice-driven virtual personal assistant to help them parse their organization's business intelligence data. Read More

Imagine an Android/Microsoft Franken-phone
When it was reported that Microsoft might invest in CyanogenMod, the mobile OS built on the open-source release of the Android codebase, speculation arose as to why. Although eventually Microsoft decided not to contribute to Cyanogen, it got us thinking: What if Microsoft or someone else created a smartphone running CyanogenMod, and it had no apps by Google. Instead, it was preloaded with Microsoft equivalents. Read More

Microsoft stakes out ambitious goal of 1B Windows 10 devices
Microsoft's chief operating system executive put a stake in the ground, saying that in three years, tops, Windows 10 would be running on a billion devices. Read More


Inside CEO paychecks

Who got raises, who took cuts, and who knocked Larry Ellison off his perch as highest paid tech CEO.


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