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Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Breakthroughs in endpoint security

Tired of sitting all day? Tech pros take a stand | 12 fun, free summer classes for techies

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Review: Breakthroughs in endpoint security
Despite advances in malware protection, endpoints get infected every day, even those running some form of anti-virus or other defense that the threat is able to circumvent. (Insider Story) Read More

WEBCAST: Accenture

Shaping the "We Economy"
The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 maps out a three-year set of technology trends that businesses should not ignore. Digitizing everything is giving birth to a new era of "digital ecosystems." View Now.


IT Roadmap New York Conference is all new for 2015
The content-rich agenda has been redesigned and reenergized to include increased IDG content from editors you know and trust and five focused pillars of technology learning that are the most critical for the year ahead. Register Now!

Tired of sitting all day? Tech pros take a stand
Sitting at a desk all day isn't healthy. In the IT world, how can people break the sitting habit? We reached out to tech pros who've found ways to be active during the workday. Here are some tactics that work for them. Read More

12 fun, free summer classes for techies
Take a break from your day job and immerse yourself in baseball analytics. Or, escape to alien worlds, soak up superhero culture, and study the science of happiness. MOOCs are an easy way to feed your brain without draining your wallet. This summer, check out some fun, free, tech-friendly options from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze. Read More

A look at the new Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015
Skype for Business Server 2015 is a modest upgrade that takes care of a lot of plumbing on the server side but is more of a cosmetic polish on the client side. This piece takes a look at exactly what Skype for Business is, what is new or improved in this release, some things to look forward to and perhaps some 'gotchas' as well. Read More

WHITE PAPER: ATTO Technology, Inc

Cut Costs & Boost Performance with Software Defined Storage
A transition is underway from standard data center infrastructures to cloud-enabled, software-defined ones that permit resources to be scaled in response to evolving business needs. Software Defined Storage (SDS) brings the benefits of virtualization to storage infrastructure by enabling a modular approach that abstracts software from hardware. Learn More

Facebook like Google makes scant progress in hiring blacks, women
Facebook and other tech companies aren't changing the racial mix or the percentage of women in their workforce fast enough, which has become a matter of concern to civil rights activists. Read More

Juniper scales down the Internet core
Juniper Networks this week extended its core router lineup with a compact, fixed-configuration model capable of 3Tbps. Read More

Can't disconnect on vacation? These IT pros offer their hard-earned tips
We've all done it. Sworn to stay completely uncoupled from the office during a vacation, only to check email and get drawn into a work issue -- going from relaxed to tensed up in minutes. Read More

WHITE PAPER: New Relic| Emulex| AppNeta| CA

The Application and Network Performance Management Challenge
This Challenge document doesn't focus on why you need performance management. I think we all know the answers to that. Instead, it is a guide to how specific vendor solutions allow you to manage your applications and networks. View now

Software developers are failing to implement crypto correctly, data reveals
Despite a big push over the past few years to use encryption to combat security breaches, lack of expertise among developers and overly complex libraries have led to widespread implementation failures in business applications.The scale of the problem is significant. Read More

Top 10 botnet targets in the U.S. and worldwide
In its new botnet research report, 'Safeguarding the Internet,' Level 3 uses its own threat intelligence, combined with other data feeds, to define trends in botnet behavior, DDoS attacks and malware. Read More

Who's winning the mobile payments war?
Mobile payments – using your phone instead of a credit card to make purchases at retail locations – has not taken off. Yet. (Insider Story) Read More


First Look: How will Windows 10 play on tablets

How does Windows 10, which Microsoft has been trying to make friendlier for desktops and notebooks, fare on tablets?


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