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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Best Places to Work in IT 2015: Computerworld July Digital Magazine

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Welcome to the July issue of Computerworld's monthly Digital Magazine. When you open it, you'll find top-quality enterprise IT coverage in a digital format that offers seamless navigation with easy scrolling and zooming, as well as links to useful related stories on If you'd like to download this PDF, find the download button that's specific to the browser you're using, click it, then check the folder you have designated for downloads. Please note that this extra-large issue, jam-packed with information on the 100 Best Places, might take slightly longer than usual to download.

To read the July 2015 Digital Magazine, please click here.

Here's what you'll find:

Special Report: Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT for 2015
Our 22nd annual report highlights top organizations across the country that offer technology pros challenging projects, robust salaries and flexible work/life options. We identify which employers offer high salaries, superior benefits, and unsurpassed access to training and career advancement opportunities. We also reveal what more than 23,000 IT workers think of their benefits, training, office morale, workplace stress levels and more.

Here are the top organizations for 2015:

No. 1 Large Employer: Quicken Loans
Abundant perks aside, IT team members are drawn in by a culture that values innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the use of technology to drive business goals.

No. 1 Midsize Employer: Credit Acceptance
Ambitious IT pros are rewarded by this auto financing company with frequent pay raises, substantial bonuses and generous tuition reimbursement.

No. 1 Small Employer: Noah Consulting
Team-building takes priority at this all-virtual company, which hires top technologists and keeps them happy with compelling assignments and rapid career advancement.

News Analysis
At a crossroads in the automotive technology market, Microsoft is likely to start losing its foothold in the in-vehicle infotainment business, but it may have a future in providing cloud-based services to carmakers.
Shark Tank
Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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