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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Do you ever feel like the “Underdog” ?

Yo, major announcement for today!

Strength Camp Online Coaching is OPEN

again and we're taking applications right

now for new members.

>> Strength Camp Online Coaching [accepting applications]

But before I give more details on how

you can get coached by myself and

the other Strength Camp coaches,

I want you to check this video out.

My boy Chris shot this "neck hair" raising,

motivational, pump you up video about

why he prefers to train the UNDERDOG

athlete instead of the 5-star guys.

If you fit into the "underdog" category meaning

you always have to train harder than your fellow

athletes and you are NOT naturally gifted then

this video will REALLY hit home with you.

>> Coaching The Underdog [VIDEO]

Working with guys like Chris training underdogs

and seeing them excel far beyond what they ever

thought possible makes me feel proud and blessed

I get to do what I do.

Even if you don't live near one of our Strength Camps,

you can still get personalized coaching from Chris and I

and the Strength Camp coaches.

This is the closest experience you will ever get to

getting coaching from us without actually having

to travel to our gym.

Get all the details here >> Strength Camp Online Coaching Application

To make it an AUTHENTIC coaching experience

here are just a few highlights of this extensive

online coaching experience:

Right away we are going to send you:

- The Exclusive Team Strength Camp Camo Vest

- The Exclusive Strength Camp Camo Wristband

- The Strength Cam Logbook

Then we start with a Grow Stronger Strategy session

which will normally happen over the phone or Skype.

You get exclusive video coaching collections as well

as a monthly QnA call with ME and Chris where we
answer EVERY question that's been posted from
official members.

Get all the details here >>
Strength Camp Online Coaching Application

Unfortunately since this is an interactive style membership,

we can only accept a limited number of coaching clients

each time we open the application process.

Go ahead and access the application form, fill it

out and send it to me over on the next page.

>> The Official Strength Camp Online Coaching Application

Grow Stronger,


5514 Haines Rd. St. Petersburg, FL 33714, USA

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