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Monday, June 22, 2015

Free Job Training for Union Members

Please share the following with your congregation:

The Reparations Labor Union is changing the paradigm: Rather than a company hiring workers and a union desperately trying to recruit members from these workers, our union will offer the proprietary training that its members need to become the workers hired by a company. 

Know anyone who needs a job or a second career?  Melanin Technology Company (MTC) will be hiring and the Reparations Labor Union will be training its union members for MTC jobs.

In order to receive this job training, you must join the Reparations Labor Union.  During this Membership Drive, union dues are only $10 per year.  

Space in the August Job Training class is limited, so join the Reparations Labor Union NOW at .

For more information about the free job training, please visit  

Please call or text me at 313-740-4644 to discuss how this job training may be offered at your house of worship.  


Anita E. Belle, President
Reparations Labor Union
Detroit, MI

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