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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gartner tells enterprises to dump Windows 8.1 deployment plans

Microsoft struggles to define 'free' for Windows 10 | The US Navy's warfare systems command just paid millions to stay on Windows XP

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Gartner tells enterprises to dump Windows 8.1 deployment plans
With Windows 10 about to ship and Windows 8 largely panned, it's not a surprise that Gartner has recommended that enterprises skip the latter and migrate directly to the former from Windows 7. Read More


Buyer's Guide to Mobile Application Platforms
Good mobile app development requires more than a compelling user interface. In fact, the majority of the cost and effort happens behind the UI – the app testing, integration, security, quality assurance and ongoing management. Learn More

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Cut Costs & Boost Performance with Software Defined Storage
A transition is underway from standard data center infrastructures to cloud-enabled, software-defined ones that permit resources to be scaled in response to evolving business needs. Software Defined Storage (SDS) brings the benefits of virtualization to storage infrastructure by enabling a modular approach that abstracts software from hardware. Learn More

Microsoft struggles to define 'free' for Windows 10
Microsoft's Keystone Kops-like revelation that Windows 10 testers would get a free copy of the OS -- yes, no, then yes, probably, but with strings -- may be confusing compared to Apple's approach to OS X, but reflects the much more complicated ecosystem the Redmond, Wash. company maintains. Read More

The US Navy's warfare systems command just paid millions to stay on Windows XP
The U.S. Navy is paying Microsoft millions of dollars to keep up to 100,000 computers afloat because it has yet to transition away from Windows XP. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, which runs the Navy's communications and information networks, signed a $9.1 million contract earlier this month for continued access to security patches for Windows XP, Office 2003, Exchange 2003 and Windows Server 2003. Read More

Microsoft rented Elop for 14 months at $1.3M per month
Microsoft's 14-month rent of former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop cost the firm at least $18 million, or about $1.3 million each month. Read More


Architects Lead the Way for Data-Driven Apps
Application architects are facing the challenges of keeping up with social, mobile and big data applications as business demands increase. To successfully meet these demands, they must identify, build and deliver modern apps while supporting IT. Learn how application architects can deliver long-lasting apps while reducing risk, complexity and cost. Learn more >>

Citrix discusses how Windows 10 will affect desktop virtualization, and vice versa
A new Windows release is always disruptive for the enterprise, but Windows 10 could magnify that due to changes in the OS and the chaos created by the wholesale rejection of Windows 8. Read More

Meet WebAssembly: Microsoft, Google, and Firefox's alternative to JavaScript
It's rare to see Google and Microsoft work together on much, so you know there must be something special behind WebAssembly, a new binary format for compiling applications for the web. Read More

Microsoft's anti-surveillance, pro-privacy website was hacked by casino spammer
Digital Constitution, a website devoted to how Microsoft is fighting government surveillance and working to protect online privacy in a digital world, was hacked to promote online casinos. Read More

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Performance Matters Report: 9 Key Consumer Insights
Download Performance Matters – 9 Key Consumer Insights to see the impact our evolving technological landscape has had on consumers page load expectation, device preference, engagement and spending by device, responses to dissatisfying experiences, and more. Learn more >>

iOS gets a first in Microsoft's OneNote: New to-do list feature
Microsoft has rolled out a new OneNote feature to the iPhone first before any other platform, showing off the company's interest in promoting cross-platform use of its note-taking system. Read More

Chinese university opens Microsoft-backed U.S. outpost
China's Tsinghua University has teamed up with the University of Washington and Microsoft to launch the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX)—a tech-focused graduate school that's the first of its kind. Read More

With Windows 10 imminent, Windows 8.1 sales demise clock to start tickin'
The impending debut of Windows 10 near the end of next month will start the clock ticking toward a deadline in 2016 when Microsoft will stop selling Windows 8.1 at retail, and a 2017 shut-off of sales of new devices armed with the soon-to-be-forgotten OS. Read More

VMware takes on Microsoft in the identity management space
Microsoft and VMware seem to be continuing on their collision course, and this time it's VMware's turn to take a shot. The company on Monday launched a new cloud service that helps companies manage passwords and identities. Read More


First Look: How will Windows 10 play on tablets

How does Windows 10, which Microsoft has been trying to make friendlier for desktops and notebooks, fare on tablets?


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