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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Should Glenn sue?

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June 24, 2015
On Today's Program

Remember when Glenn said that Valerie Jarrett's family had an FBI file? He was called a hate monger, a conspiracy theorist, and a racist. It turns out he was right, but the progressives don't even care. The radical pasts are being whitewashed, the country fundamentally transformed. It may feel like it's too late, but you must take a stand. Glenn believes this audience will play a role in saving the country, and the time to unite is now. Watch his passionate call to action from radio HERE.

Your livelihood, the way you work, the way you pray, how you associate with others, could radically change this week. Why? Because the Supreme Court will rule on a gay marriage case, and it has the potential to completely change the country. To help explain just how dire the situation is, Glenn invited Kelly Shackelford from the Liberty Institute onto the program. Once you hear this conversation, you'll understand why this issue goes far beyond traditional marriage vs. equality. Listen to the interview from Wednesday's radio show HERE.

A Pulitzer Prize winning writer penned a scathing opinion piece in the Miami Herald that claimed Glenn refused to call Dylan Roof a racist. The only problem with that claim is it's completely untrue. In what was either pure laziness or just an outright lie, the writer was just flat wrong. Will there be an apology or retraction? Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

The GOP field is increasing by the day and it can get confusing trying to figure out which candidate is the right fit. The put together a Venn diagram that shows where the major candidates fall when measured by five categories — moderate, establishment, Christian conservative, Libertarian, and Tea Party. Where does your favorite fall? Find out HERE.

Hear Marcus Luttrell, Pete Scobell and special guests talk about the issues in an unfiltered and unedited way. Tune in tomorrow, 9PM ET, for TheBlaze's new TV show, After Action. WATCH

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson joined Glenn today to talk about her book, Getting Real, which details some horrific past sexual abuses she suffered while in the workplace. In one instance she was so afraid she actually thought about jumping out of the car, and she was also stalked by a deranged individual for four years. How did she overcome it all? Check out the interview from radio today. MORE

Don't miss Glenn on Don Lemon's CNN program TONIGHT
Glenn has recently opened up a dialogue with CNN's Don Lemon, who certainly disagrees with Glenn on a great many topics. However, Glenn appreciates Don's ability to think for himself and not simply recite leftist talking points. The pair both agrees that we need more people who are unafraid of political correctness and promote free speech rather than uniformity of thought. Don't miss it tonight on CNN at 10pm ET.

Glenn: Why is the Confederate Flag our #1 priority?
Many are calling for the Confederate flag to be removed from grounds of the South Carolina state capitol in the wake of the church shooting in Charleston. Yesterday, Glenn made it clear that he doesn't think it should be flown at the capitol, but he also knows that as a resident of Texas he doesn't have much say in the matter. But he did see a deeper issue with the story — with everything in the country we should be upset about, why are we making the Confederate flag the top priority? Glenn delivered an epic response to everyone worried about a flag in South Carolina while ignoring some very scary problems in the U.S. and abroad. MORE

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