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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WARNING! We are losing our youth to the progressive agenda

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June 23, 2015
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There is a serious problem in this country, and it's only going to get worse and worse. Addressing it could alienate neighbors, friends, and family members. But at some point, you have to stand up and say enough is enough. This generation of young adults is critical to the future of America, but they are being lost to the progressive agenda. It's essential that today's youth be rooted in the principles that founded this country, yet we are willing to ship them off to schools and universities that tear down the pillars of faith and distort and diminish American history. Will you stand? Listen to Glenn's critical warning HERE.

Remember how everyone referred to America as a "melting pot" in school? Well, that's about to change in UC Berkeley. The school — for some INSANE reason — thinks the term is offensive. Glenn's been warning for a long time that universities are turning into reeducation camps that brainwash students to only think certain thoughts, and this may be the craziest example yet. Glenn had the story and reaction Tuesday morning on radio — WATCH.

Many are calling for the Confederate flag to be removed from grounds of the South Carolina state capitol in the wake of the church shooting in Charleston. Yesterday, Glenn made it clear that he doesn't think it should be flown at the capitol, but he also knows that as a resident of Texas he doesn't have much say in the matter. But he did see a deeper issue with the story — with everything in the country we should be upset about, why are we making the Confederate flag the top priority? Glenn delivered an epic response to everyone worried about a flag in South Carolina while ignoring some very scary problems in the U.S. and abroad. MORE

When the shooting in Charleston happened, Glenn said that the evil actions would lead to good. Americans from all over the world came together in support of the community shattered by the shooter, and small miracles started to happen. Kayla Hall witnessed one such miracle as she drove to meet Glenn and others who were gathering in South Carolina. What did she see? Find out HERE.

Cognitive decline is something we all fear. And it's clear that pharmaceuticals drugs aren't the answer. However, breakthrough research is showing that a compound found in turmeric may be the most effective way to protect your brain and boost your memory. Keep Reading…

Rep. Pete Sessions has been in Congress for over twenty years now, and his tenure may just be nineteen years and eleven and a half months too long. Thankfully he might get some opposition from Dallas Tea Party leader Russ Ramsland, who joined the radio show Tuesday morning to talk about why Texas needs to oust Sessions and get a real conservative in office. MORE

Where can you see Glenn on 4th of July weekend?
Glenn will be joining the Fellowship Church on Sunday July 5th. They have been gracious enough to ask Glenn to share an Independence Day message at all of their services that weekend. We hope you will join. Details on how to attend HERE.

Why does CNN's Don Lemon get called a bigot and a the Left AND the Right?
Why do some people succeed on TV, but many, many others fail? People want to hear the truth, and they can tell when they aren't getting it. CNN's Don Lemon understands this. Don joined the radio show Monday morning for a fascinating interview, and the two discussed the dangers of political correctness, the way the left and the right put people into boxes, and more. Do not miss this interview. WATCH

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