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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Free Smartphones Available with a New Contract

iOS 6 device users report baffling range of Wi-Fi problems | RIM offers wider peek at new BlackBerry UI

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Best Free Smartphones Available with a New Contract
Older iPhones, Lumia 900 among free smartphones on the market Read More


Free Evaluation Guide from Aerohive
Aerohive creates simple and powerful enterprise WiFi, VPN, and Routing solutions that push the envelope and keep you and your users buzzing. Discover how Aerohive can help you start small and grow to any size, eliminate downtime and complexity, and enforce secure access and connectivity. HIVE ON.


Streamline your business with UC&C from Sprint
If you're still weighed down by an outdated communications infrastructure, you're holding your business back. Our comprehensive cloud-based unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) solution offers a risk-mitigating migration strategy, providing scalability, network & cost efficiency, greater reliability, & enhanced mobility for all employees. GET THE DETAILS

iOS 6 device users report baffling range of Wi-Fi problems
Some number of iPhone and iPad users upgrading to iOS 6 are reporting a range of Wi-Fi problems, as are some iPhone 5 users. The solutions, when there are any, seems as baffling as the problems. Read More

RIM offers wider peek at new BlackBerry UI
Executives at beleaguered smartphone vendor Research in Motion on Tuesday gave a peek at new features in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system, and released updated development tools for an enthusiastic audience of BlackBerry programmers. Read More

Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending Sept. 21
From the old 386 that I used to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on to my recently constructed home-brew gaming machine, my main devices have all been Intel-driven. I'm not a fanboy or anything, it's just worked out that way. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Aruba Networks

New Networking Requirements for BYOD
BYOD is changing the way IT addresses network access security. It requires secure onboarding of new devices, policy enforcement, and profiling. Read the benefits and considerations with BYOD, and how to deploy a unified access management solution for any wireless, wired or VPN network. Read now.

Photo of FedEx distribution center overflowing with iPhone 5s
According to a thread on Reddit, this is a FedEx distribution center filled to brim with iPhone 5 boxes. Assuming that the picture is, in fact, what it purports to be, it's almost challenging to find a box that isn't an iPhone 5. Reddit via Cult of Mac Read More

iPhone 5: Pros and cons in the enterprise
If the iPhone 5 sells as well as expected, it could create challenges for IT shops wrestling with bring-your-own-device policies. Read More

Why Apple intentionally sacrificed Maps quality in iOS 6
One of the unpleasant surprises of an upgrade to either iOS 6 or the iPhone 5 is the disappearance of Google Maps. Its replacement, Apple Maps, is limited in comparison. Read More


Capitalize on the Cloud with a Sound Network Strategy
New research underscores cloud computing's challenging effects on corporate networks, but solutions are available. Learn More!

Apple apparently ripped off iPad clock design from Swiss Rail Company
Apple received a lot of criticism during the Apple/Samsung litigation this past Summer as folks deemed it absurd that Apple was able to patent things such as icon design and the overall form factor of a smartphone. While the nuances of the case were obviously more complex, the trial did shed some light on a patent system that many people feel needs to be reworked. As we all know, Apple emerged victorious... Read More

10 free Android apps that you can use every day
There are a ton of Android apps out there -- 600,000 in the Google Play store alone, the company said at this summer's Google I/O conference -- but there are only a few that rise to the status of being a critical, everyday app for a lot of people. Without further ado, here are some of those that we defy you not to get hooked on. Read More

The LTE iPhone experience: What to expect with iPhone 5
You have it in the iPhone 5: the first LTE iPhone from Apple. Now what? Read More

T-Mobile USA turns on fast networks to lure iPhone users
As the latest iPhone went on sale Friday, with T-Mobile USA once again left out of the party, the fourth-place U.S. carrier started turning on a network that is designed to offer high data rates on unlocked iPhones. Read More


15 more useful Cisco sites
Another lineup in our continuing search for the most useful sites on the Web for Cisco users and practitioners.

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  10. iOS 6 Wi-Fi glitch a Web problem, not a firmware issue

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