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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Never Give Up

Don't give up.

You should never give up.

Even if things aren't going your way,
Even if you have some major setbacks,
Even when you feel like throwing in the towel,
You should never give up on your dreams.
Never give up on your goals.

Never give up on having more money.
Never give up on meeting the right person.
Never give up on getting what you want.

Because you can succeed.
And you will.

But if you give up, it's over.
Your dream of having and making more is gone.
Everything you want is gone - if you give up.

I want you to succeed.
I want you to make more money.
I want you to meet the right person.
Grow your business,
Travel more,
I want you to get what you want.

Stay persistent with the training an Never Give Up.



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