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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How the U.S. is winning the race to next-gen Internet

6 signs that the U.S. is overtaking the world at IPv6 | 11ac will be faster, but how much faster really?

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How the U.S. is winning the race to next-gen Internet
With the worldwide supply of IPv4 addresses rapidly dwindling, the United States is pulling ahead of its global rivals in the deployment of next-generation Internet services based on the emerging IPv6 standard. Read More


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6 signs that the U.S. is overtaking the world at IPv6
Having invented the Internet 40-odd years ago, the United States has had the first-mover advantage when it comes to selling products and services that run on this ubiquitous communications platform. Now the United States is pulling ahead of its global rivals on next-gen Internet services built around the emerging IPv6 standard. Read More

11ac will be faster, but how much faster really?
Six months from now, enterprise IT groups will be facing a big change for their Wi-Fi networks: the shift to 802.11ac, which promises wireless data rates that start at 433Mbps. Read More

Six free Cisco labs
Looking for some practical experience with Cisco routers and switches for little to no cost? There's no shortage of free Cisco labs on the Web. Read More


VoIP Solutions Provide Enterprises With Various Benefits
VoIP migration is a top telecom priority for many North American enterprises. Do you know why? Find out in this Forrester study, which reveals the opinions of telecommunications decision-makers like you. Read the report.

IPv6 traffic rises in U.S., but remains sliver of overall Internet
U.S. ISPs are reporting a significant rise in IPv6 traffic during the last three months, even though the overall numbers remain tiny -- less than 1% of Internet traffic. Read More

Complete guide to network virtualization
There are a number of emerging and proposed standard protocols focused on optimizing the support that data center Ethernet LANs provide for server virtualization. Several of these protocols are aimed at network virtualization via the creation of multiple virtual Ethernet networks that can share a common physical infrastructure in a manner that is somewhat analogous to multiple virtual machines sharing a common physical server. Read More

Virtual reality: More virtual than real
Remember virtual reality? The idea that science could create a virtual world of sight, sound, smell and touch was hot two decades ago, then completely fizzled out. Read More


What's Holding Back the Cloud?
This report captures key findings from a blind survey of 800 IT professionals in four countries — China, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States — that provide insight into cloud computing security concerns, and how those concerns might be alleviated. Learn more in the McAfee Securing Cloud-Based Services KnowledgeVault. Learn more.

20 security and privacy apps for Androids and iPhones
Encrypted storage, malware scanners, missing-phone-finders and more: Here are 20 apps to help protect your smartphone, your privacy and your data. Read More

Resources for 802.11ac 'Gigabit' Wi-Fi
There's a ton of information out there on 802.11ac, and at least two tons of opinions. Here's a sample from Network World and other sources. Feel free to jump into comments and share links to stories, blog posts, backgrounders, videos and the like that you've found helpful in getting a grip on "Gigabit" Wi-Fi. Read More

It's time for network management to evolve
When I look back at the past decade, it's remarkable to see the changes that have taken place in corporate IT. For those of you who don't know my past, I was in corporate IT prior to being an analyst. I, like many other IT individuals, built an IT philosophy based on tight control. Read More


TEST: 6 free email servers for small businesses
hMailServer (Windows only) wins our test; Citadel (Linux only) comes in a close second

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