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Monday, September 24, 2012

Facebook and Twitter and their long, slow slide into irrelevance

When does free mean none? | Today I learned that Carl Sagan once sued Apple for libel

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Facebook and Twitter and their long, slow slide into irrelevance
Today's major social media providers have a problem: How to make money, can they find the unicorn? Read More

WHITE PAPER: CA Technologies

Transforming IT Processes and Culture
Based on market research and case studies, this thought-provoking white paper shows you how innovative IT organizations are launching "overlay teams" to visualize and manage services from a cross-silo perspective. Learn More


The Department of Defense and Open Source Software
This white paper looks at the pros and cons of open-source software and helps organizations understand how to build a business case that is based on cost, schedule, performance and risks across the entire program lifecycle not just up-front program inception costs and considerations. Read More Now!

When does free mean none?
The International Telecommunications Union is scheduled to meet in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for two weeks in early December to revise the international treaties that define the ITU's role in the world. Many organizations have submitted proposals for changes to the existing treaties, which were last revised in the mostly pre-Internet era of 1988. One particular proposal, if adopted, has the potential of redefining the term "free" on the Internet to mean "none." Read More

Today I learned that Carl Sagan once sued Apple for libel
Read More


Governmental Agencies can get the Best of Two Worlds
In this report we look at each component of Hybrid Cloud Storage as users of this new technology will be able to choose where to locate their data, on-premise with Scale-out NAS or in the Public Cloud. Learn More

The iPhone 5: What's Missing
I didn't write a specific analysis of the iPhone 5 announcement partially because everyone else did, and partially because there really wasn't anything there that was notably new and unexpected. You can read my column on how innovation is slowing here, but, suffice it to say for now that Apple will sell zillions of these because it's a great upgrade for people whose two-year carrier contracts are up.... Read More

It's time for network management to evolve
When I look back at the past decade, it's remarkable to see the changes that have taken place in corporate IT. For those of you who don't know my past, I was in corporate IT prior to being an analyst. I, like many other IT individuals, built an IT philosophy based on tight control. IT had control over everything – the networks were all private lines or frame relay, each application had its own... Read More


Big Data and the Future of Security
Read this white paper to understand the evolving security landscape and how advanced persistent threats and sophisticated malware have fundamentally changed the way security teams must think about these new threats and the tools used for detective controls. Learn More Now!

Ayn Rand, IT silos and software-defined data centers
Who is John Galt? That's the famous opening line from the literacy classic, Atlas Shrugged, by one of my all-time favorite authors, Ayn Rand. If you've read the book, you understand the meaning of the question. If you haven't read it, I'll explain. The question is meant to be a sarcastic phrase used to respond to questions that have no answers, or questions whose answers have no point. Read... Read More

Microsoft, the hardware vendor? It could work
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the Seattle Times recently that he expects Microsoft to transition from a software company to a "devices-and-services" company in the next five to ten years. His comment came at the end of a Q&A and didn't have a follow-up, although in fairness, he had given the Times a fair amount of time for this interview. So we're left to piece together the clues on this one. That's... Read More

Will the iPad increase your Microsoft licensing fees?
The Bring Your Own Device to Work phenomenon has been the best salesman Apple ever had. The iPhone, MacBook and now iPad, not usually standard issue among businesses, have found their way into corporate America because employees were able to bring their hardware of preference to work. However, having Apple under your corporate roof might not sit well with Microsoft. A survey of almost 800 enterprise-size... Read More


TEST: 6 free email servers for small businesses
hMailServer (Windows only) wins our test; Citadel (Linux only) comes in a close second

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