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Monday, September 24, 2012

IBM cyber security watchdogs see increase in browser exploits and encryption abuse

  Senator takes cybersecurity law fight to CEOs | Anonymous spokesman's YouTube meltdown led to arrest
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IBM cyber security watchdogs see increase in browser exploits and encryption abuse
IBM's security watchdogs said their research shows a big increase in browser-related exploits, renewed concerns around social media password security and challenges with securing mobile devices, especially in a corporate setting. Read More

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Senator takes cybersecurity law fight to CEOs
Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa.) hopes cybersecurity legislation can be revived in Congress by avoiding "the filter of beltway lobbyists," and connecting directly with top business leaders. But critic say he could have done so long ago. Read More

Anonymous spokesman's YouTube meltdown led to arrest
If anybody was surprised at the arrest in Dallas last week of Barrett Brown, self-described sometime spokesman for the hacktivist group Anonymous, it should not have been Brown himself. Read More


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What to learn from the $10 million Subway POS hack
Two Romanian hackers will serve time for targeting Subway in a $10 million point-of-sale conspiracy involving 150 restaurants in 2011. Read More

Hackers exploit 0-day: Kick IE to the curb or catch a nasty Poison Ivy itch?
Do you use Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9? If so, then you might catch a nasty itch since malicious hackers are using those IE browsers "to install the Poison Ivy Trojan—malware that can steal data or take remote control of PCs," the BBC warned. This new zero-day can potentially infect "hundreds of millions" of IE browsers. Read More

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Researchers hack iPhone, steal data
Researchers have broken into an iPhone 4S running the latest version of Apple iOS, making it possible to exploit the same vulnerability in the iPhone 5 that is set for release on Friday. Read More

iPhone 5 thieves break into mobile shops in Japan hours before launch
Thieves broke into a number of mobile phone shops across central Japan and stole hundreds of iPhone 5 handsets hours before the device went on sale Friday morning, police said. Read More

Ig Nobels feature exploding colonoscopies, bureaucracy, and why leaning to the left makes the Eiffel Tower seem smaller
The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony has honored a wide array of strange research and advancement over the years, from exploding pants to woodpecker headaches to aggressive parking enforcement, and Thursday night's ceremony in Cambridge, Mass., was no exception. Read More



TEST: 6 free email servers for small businesses
hMailServer (Windows only) wins our test; Citadel (Linux only) comes in a close second

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