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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

‘Armageddon’: Islamic State end goal revealed!

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July 29, 2015
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Today, Buck Sexton exposed new plans of ISIS to initiate chaos in South Asia with the goal of drawing the U.S. into the conflict, ultimately leading to an apocalyptic ending. According to a recently translated document shared by Sara Carter of the American Media Institute, part of this plan involves provoking a nuclear war between Pakistan and India to start a "chain reaction" across the Middle East. WATCH

Terrorists are infiltrating our weak southern border and entering the U.S. without a trace. Their mission: Attack the United States from within. Find out if your town is safe in this new, exclusive documentary, The Sun City Cell, premiering TONIGHT at 8PM ET. Only on TheBlaze TV. WATCH

Welcome to Day 10 of our 40 Day Challenge — a challenge that will prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies for the historic journey that begins on 8/28 in Birmingham, Alabama. We must surround ourselves with people who lift us up rather than bring us down. Seek out friends who are willing to tell you the truth and be honest with you even when you don't want to hear it. Get all the details on today's challenge HERE.

"This makes me sad and sick. 1. Cecil the Lion killed 2. Jimmy Kimmel cries about it on air." Read more of Glenn's cutting opinion in his latest post. MORE


Will Democrats lose the White House because of this video?

Could Obama's latest disaster destroy the presidential hopes of every Democratic candidate? Why? Because an online video has revealed the biggest government scandal in American history. Democrats will do anything to keep this video under wraps... especially with so much on the line for their front-runners… including Hillary.

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Radio callers express varied opinions on Cecil the lion shooting
Shot during a big game hunt in Zimbabwe, Cecil the lion has been the subject of intense, emotional debate over the past several days. Buck Sexton spoke with several radio callers Wednesday to discuss the highly controversial killing. Here's what they had to say. MORE

Here are all the reasons Buck Sexton is glad he's not a liberal
"There's a fascinating phenomenon that happens every time an election approaches. Real issues get pushed aside, and fake issues suddenly appear out of nowhere and hog all the airtime," Buck Sexton said on last night's TV show. It turns out that if you had to defend some of the things liberals believe in — you'd probably try to change the conversation to fake issues that no one care about too! Buck lists all the reasons he's glad he's not a liberal HERE.

The NEW 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge — Day 9
We are now on Day 9 of our 40 Day Challenge — a challenge that will prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies for the historic journey that begins on 8/28 in Birmingham, Alabama. Remember, as long as we have one another and the full armor of God, "who can stand against us?" See today's reading and action steps HERE.

The IRS: The government's tool of fear
With Glenn still off air resting his voice, Buck Sexton took to radio Tuesday to discuss what he called the "ultimate self-licking ice cream cone," the IRS. Unchecked in its authority and without safeguards or accountability, the IRS exists just to exist, he said, and to enlarge itself. With 70,000 pages of tax code, the IRS can make your life very difficult even if you're found guilty of absolutely nothing. It's no wonder the mere mention of the IRS elicits fear and disgust from even the most thorough taxpayers striving to be on the up and up all the time. MORE

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