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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Define ‘JuxtaProgressive’

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July 30, 2015
On Today's Program

Doc Thompson and Skip Lacombe took to radio Thursday, pinch-hitting for Buck Sexton, who was pinch-hitting for Pat and Stu, who were pinch-hitting for Glenn, to highlight some of the most ridiculous "JuxtaProgressive" manifestations from the left. A firestorm of tweets soon followed. MORE

What have you applied from the past 10 days of the challenge? Do you notice a difference in your life or in your family from the reading? Today, share with someone what you have learned and challenge them to do the same. Get all the details on today's installment of the 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge as we continue to count down to 8.28 in Birmingham! MORE

Last night, TheBlaze debuted a new documentary called, The Sun City Cell focused on drug cartels aiding terrorists along the southern border. On Wednesday, Buck Sexton filled in for Glenn on TV and interviewed Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton about the investigation. Judicial Watch played a huge role in the making of The Sun City Cell, and gave his unique insight into the documentary. WATCH

At a time when "tolerance" is held higher than adhering to principles, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing nothing can truly be intolerable. But this is the sort of thinking that has allowed history to repeat itself and grave atrocities to occur, such as the crucifixion and beheading taking place in the Middle East. But what can we do about it? Filling in for Glenn Beck on radio Thursday, Doc Thompson urged listeners to start by bettering themselves. MORE

It's a true story... one that happened in broad daylight in a Lowe's parking lot. The woman involved not only owned a gun... she was carrying concealed. Unfortunately, it couldn't save her from a convicted sex offender. She did everything right, but it didn't matter. Click here to see the picture that shocked the sheriff's dept and discover the surprising ending.

It's not too late to catch up on the 40 Day, 40 Night challenge! Get an index of every reading, question, and action HERE.

TONIGHT at 8PM ET, a new episode of After Action!
Special Operations veterans Marcus Luttrell and Pete Scobell sit down with presidential candidate and former Gov. Rick Perry to discuss border security! WATCH

'Armageddon': New evidence reveals ISIS looking to provoke a nuclear war between Pakistan and India
Yesterday, Buck Sexton exposed new plans of ISIS to initiate chaos in South Asia with the goal of drawing the U.S. into the conflict, ultimately leading to an apocalyptic ending. According to a recently translated document shared by Sara Carter of the American Media Institute, part of this plan involves provoking a nuclear war between Pakistan and India to start a "chain reaction" across the Middle East. WATCH

Glenn reacts to the death of Cecil the Lion
"This makes me sad and sick. 1. Cecil the Lion killed 2. Jimmy Kimmel cries about it on air." Read more of Glenn's cutting opinion in his latest post. MORE

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