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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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 Dreamland This Week: Nazis in Our Era
Joseph Farrell joins us for week one of one of the deepest explorations of the influence of Nazism in modern life that you will ever hear. Did you know that even though representatives of the German Army and the German Nation signed surrender documents at the end of World War II, the Nazi Party did no such thing. Listen as Joseph Farrell tells us about such mysteries as the origins of the modern jihad movement in the Berlin of the Nazi era, or the chilling journey of John McCone from Hitler's box at the 1936 Olympics to his pivotal role on the Warren Commission that covered up the Kennedy assassination.

Eye-opening and mind opening!
To listen, click here.
The Experience: When Skeptics Confront Their Own Psychic Experiences
Steve and Shelene consider themselves a straight-laced, skeptically-minded couple with little tolerance for what they consider New Age belief. But that doesn't mean they haven't had high strangeness experiences of their own--including the most recent one involving a group of New Age spiritual healers!
To listen, click here.
Dreamland Now Available on TuneIn Radio
TuneInRadio is by far the most popular app for radio listening, and now free Dreamland is available on TuneIn. Listen to the free portion of Dreamland on TuneIn's website right now or get the app on your mobile device. Click here to listen.

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Unknowncountry News This Week
Meet Silicon Valley's Tech Witch. Click here.

Million Dollar Reward for Message that Presents Us to Aliens. Click Here.
Experts Denounce Creation of Weapons with Artificial Intelligence. Click here.
Stories We're Working On: The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Lash;
Why is NASA Photoshopping Mars Features? (And Yes, We Have Proof.)
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