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Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 tools that fix common Windows frustrations

Windows 10's decade of support starts when customer begins using the OS | Microsoft's Skype Translator has a potty mouth

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10 tools that fix common Windows frustrations
Fixing broken WindowsAs far as operating systems go, Windows is robust, mature, and polished—but despite Microsoft's best efforts there are a few annoyances that just haven't (or can't) been improved yet. The lingering irritations can stem from a number of sources: security concerns, the decision to choose simplicity over complexity, plain old user error, or flat-out questionable interface decisions. Luckily, there are tools for almost every common Windows frustration you can think of. Here are 10 of them. Read More


Leveraging the Cloud for Your Social Business Workloads
Today, "social business" - a broad term that describes how social, mobile, and other technologies facilitate enhanced employee, customer, and partner engagement - has transformed the way we do business. Read this Frost & Sullivan whitepaper to learn why the cloud is one of the key reasons for this rapid transformation. Learn More


3 Guiding Principles to Improve Data Security and Compliance
Data security is a moving target—as data grows, more sophisticated threats emerge; the number of regulations increase; and changing economic times make it difficult to secure and protect data. Learn More

Windows 10's decade of support starts when customer begins using the OS
Microsoft will provide feature and functionality updates and upgrades to Windows 10 for a full 10 years from the time the OS is purchased -- as part of a new device, for example -- an analyst briefed by the company said Tuesday. Read More

Microsoft's Skype Translator has a potty mouth
Microsoft launched Skype Translator, its attempt at real-time voice and text translations, a few months back with much hoopla. It launched with support for Chinese and Italian, with the promise of more languages to come. Well, Microsoft might want to go back to the drawing board on its Chinese translations, because the Chinese publication Global Times reports that normal conversations are being translated with a whole bunch of four-letter words being added. Read More

Microsoft follows Google to crack down on revenge porn
Microsoft will make it easier for people to request the removal of links to intimate images or videos from the company's Bing search engine if such content was posted online without their consent. Read More


Delivering a Smarter Shopping Experience with Analytics
Predictive Analytics Market Basket Analysis can provide the highly targeted shopping experience that helps increase the size of the shopping basket and retail sales. Learn More

How to check if you've been attacked by Hacking Team intrusion malware
Hacking Team malware has been attacking computers and smartphones --- and you may be infected without knowing it. Here's how to find out if you're infected. Read More

Microsoft to make enterprise security tools generally available
Microsoft will be making two services generally available as part of the company's push to improve the security of businesses' data. Brad Anderson, Microsoft's corporate vice president of enterprise client and mobility, said in a blog post today that the company's Advanced Threat Analytics security service would be generally available next month. In addition, the Office apps for iPhone and iPad will be updated Thursday to support viewing documents that have been protected with Azure Rights Management. Read More

Microsoft presses 'Send': a new mobile app for quick office communications
E-mail may still be the dominant tool for office communications in many companies today, but Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a mobile-minded alternative that's focused primarily on short, quick messages. Dubbed Send, the new tool aims to deliver a simple experience much like that offered by text messaging or instant messaging software, but without the need to know a co-worker's mobile number or username. Read More


3 Essentials for a Strong End User Security Experience
Data, whether it's intellectual property or personal data, needs to be protected. Upgrading systems is a great first step, but read this summary to learn more about how to leverage Dell Data Protection solutions as well to provide encryption, malware protection, and authentication for Dell and non-Dell products. View now

Surface's boss now oversees all high-end Microsoft devices
Microsoft is turning to the head of its Surface tablets as the company tries to bring smartphone sales to life. Read More

Microsoft will remove reported revenge porn links from Bing, OneDrive and Xbox Live
Better late than never, Microsoft is cracking down on the 'gross violations of privacy' that is revenge porn. Microsoft's promise to remove links to revenge porn follows similar promises from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Read More

Nadella: Despite cloud push, on-premises products still matter to Microsoft
Microsoft is pushing hard to get businesses to use its Azure cloud platform, but CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday that the company hasn't given up on its products tailored for companies that still have on-premises data centers. Read More


Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you.


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