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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A great comeback story

I could sit here and tell you all about

how the coaches at Strength Camp

are some of the BEST coaches

you could ever ask for…

But I'll let someone else tell it for me :)

>> Danny's Story: From Injured and Sidelined to Champion Again

Danny is a true testament to the Strength Camp

Coaching Experience and he is EXACTLY the

kind of athlete we want to work with.

He had hunger, passion, drive, determination and HEART!

At Strength Camp the reason why we are so effective

at improving athletic performance, helping clients gain

muscle, size and strength is because WE are also

highly motivated to see you succeed.

We would love to coach you too.

Get all the details here >> Strength Camp Online Coaching

This unique online coaching experience is different

that a lot of "programs" you will find out there

online today.

In our Online Coaching program we are going to:

  • Keep you accountable (assessments, your own
    assigned coach and coaching calls)

  • Provide a team of coaches to care for you, look out
    for you and be there for you

  • Give you all the tools you need personally to take
    things to the NEXT level.

Maybe you're not strong enough, fast enough

and you WANT to get better…

This is your chance. I'd love to have all of you in

my Strength Camp gym here in Florida, but now

I have finally found the solution to teaching and

connecting with you virtually.

We're taking a limited amount of people

before we close our doors for the next round

of coaching to please go to the next page

and apply now.

Get all the details here >> Strength Camp Online Coaching

Grow Stronger,


5514 Haines Rd. St. Petersburg, FL 33714, USA

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