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Friday, July 24, 2015

Check out Draft Biden's New Web AD!

Dear Friend

Check out our first Draft Biden 2016 Web Ad by clicking the image below! The video highlights a few of the many reasons people like you are urging the Vice President to consider a run for President in 2016. This comes just one day before our National Day of Action where gatherings throughout the country will be held to encourage the Vice President to enter the 2016 presidential race.

“He is right now a part of one of the most influential administrations this country has seen in recent history, and he’s a big reason for that success,” says another supporter.


Last week, we were excited to share Monmouth University's polling numbers that showed at least 43% of decided Democratic voters would likely switch their support Joe Biden if he enters the race for President.

Then we told you new numbers released from a Quinnipiac University Swing State poll show that in the battleground states of Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia, Joe Biden ranks highest in the Democratic field in the most crucial areas of electability: trust, favorability, and 'cares for the needs of people like me'.

When these numbers are expanded to include all candidates, Democrat or Republican, Vice President Biden still has the highest favorability rating in Iowa and Virginia and comes in a close second in Colorado.

What's more; when pitted against the field of Republican challengers, Joe Biden fairs just as well as the Democratic candidates who have officially entered the race.

Contribute $25, $50, $250, $500 or whatever amount you can and tell Joe Biden: The party needs you, the country needs you and, you have a path to victory. We want Joe Biden to run for President of the United States!

We will continue the march to organize, fundraise, and encourage the Vice President to enter the race for President. With each new poll and each new benchmark we hit, it will only become easier for Joe to say YES when he answers the call!

Are you in? Make sure to sign our petition!

Will Pierce
Executive Director
Draft Biden 2016
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