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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Encrypted Web and Wi-Fi at risk as RC4 attacks become more practical

InfoSec pros spend most time, money on self-inflicted problems | Indoor phone positioning might soon be easier, cheaper to deploy

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Encrypted Web and Wi-Fi at risk as RC4 attacks become more practical
There's an old saying in the security community: Attacks always get better. The latest case where that holds true is for the aging RC4 cipher that's still widely used to encrypt communications on the Internet. Read More


IT Roadmap NYC Conference Focuses on 5 Pillars of Technology
The content-rich agenda has been redesigned and reenergized to include increased IDG content from editors you know and trust on topics such as: Security & Management, Network - From the Edge to the Core of the New Data Center, Analytics & Data Management, Cloud & Next Generation Apps, The Mobile/BYOD Enterprise, and more! Click to continue


Manage the Mobile Madness
One solution to manage all mobility issues. One point of contact. See why CDW has the expertise to design and deliver the best enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for how your business handles the mobile device hoopla. Learn More

InfoSec pros spend most time, money on self-inflicted problems
According to a new survey of Black Hat attendees released last week, InfoSec professionals are spending the biggest amount of their time and budgets on security problems created within the organization itself. Read More

Indoor phone positioning might soon be easier, cheaper to deploy
You've probably noticed that a smartphone finds your location significantly better outdoors than in. It's due to the fact that outside the device can take advantage of a constellation of satellites specifically designed to identify positions, with GPS. Inside, it's not so easy. Read More

TEST: Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools
Many Wi-Fi test tools are software-based, such as Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzer programs that use a laptop's internal Wi-Fi or maybe a USB wireless adapter. Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you. (Insider Story) Read More


Clabby Analytics Research Report: The User is King
This report details the key advantages of monitoring real end-user experience rather than inferring what the user is seeing based on other related application, transaction or other resource performance metrics. Learn More

Cisco to buy more security
Cisco's looking to double or triple its share of enterprise security infrastructure spend, from 9% to 20% to 30%, according to SeekingAlpha, citing investment banking analysis from meetings with Cisco management. That means it will be looking to acquire more security companies. Read More

New un-jailbreaking tool Cydia Impactor for iOS has Android roots
Jailbreaking an iPhone is a process that has consequences – if you want to return to the walled garden, you generally have had to either accept an iOS update that could break your ability to jailbreak the device again in the future, or find a specific version of your firmware and install it manually. Now, however, there's a simpler way. Read More

Machine authentication and user authentication
'My organization wants to authenticate the machine AND the user.' That quote is something that I am hearing all the time from customers and implementers all over the world. Sometimes it gets quite funny. Read More

: New Relic

Survey Report: Data Culture in Software Development
New insight into how companies are using data to drive customer experience. View now

Boeing subsidiary wants to use drones to infect PCs with Hacking Team spyware
After attending IDEX 2015 (International Defense Exhibition), Boeing subsidiary Insitu become interested in using its surveillance drones to deliver Hacking Team malware for even more surveillance. Read More

Google becomes an OpenStack sponsor. What is happening in this world?
Google is signing up to be a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. Read More

Open source router project administers Lithium
The CloudRouter Project, a months-old effort to open source cloud routing, is announcing first shipment of OpenDaylight's new 'Lithium' SDN controller. Read More


Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you.


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