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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Everything you need to know about Donald Trump

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July 09, 2015
On Today's Program

It's no secret that Stu isn't a big fan of Donald Trump, but some listeners seem to think he'd be a great candidate. In fact, many polls have shown him near the top. People seem to love his "straight talk" and "hard stand" on illegal immigration. But what are his real policies? Stu dedicated the opening of last night's show to explain — using facts and quotes from Trump himself — to show why there is NOTHING remotely conservative about Donald Trump and his candidacy. MORE

Alasdair Wilkins chronicled his amazing personal transformation in "I lost 100 pounds in a year. My 'weight loss secret' is really dumb," and the story has gone viral. But rather than celebrate this personal achievement, Wilkins spends a good chunk of the story emphasizing the societal and environmental factors behind obesity, not the personal choice behind gaining and losing weight. What's the real message people need to be taking away from the story? Stu was joined by TheBlaze Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker to discuss the story on Wednesday's TV show. WATCH

Every other day there's a story about Taylor Swift doing something for a fan. . She's delivering gifts, singing in hospitals or— in the latest case — donating $50,000 to a fan with leukemia! How does this happen? Stu and Pat have the story and reaction on Thursday's radio show. LISTEN

Glenn's out for the next couple of weeks resting his vocal cords, but he's staying busy. He's set a personal mission to get in shape both physically and spiritually, and wants to re-read the New Testament at least once before he gets back on air. On Facebook, he shared the readings he is focused on this week and some of the lessons he has learned. Get all the details HERE.

But, Harvard researchers just uncovered a new breakthrough DNA technology with the potential to eradicate ALL 61 kinds of disease. The last time something like this happened, the trillion-dollar hospital industry barely recovered. Click Here to read about this breakthrough technology.

Remember Jared? For years, Jared Fogle served as the spokesperson for Subway sandwiches and acting as a symbol for the chain's weight loss message. But two months after a business partner was arrested on charges of child pornography, his relationship with the company that made him famous looks to be coming to an end. On Tuesday, the FBI raided his house as part of the investigation and Subway suspended their relationship. Get the story and reaction from radio HERE.

TONIGHT 8PM ET, Trafficking Terrorism month continues with The Project
TheBlaze continues to show you important documentaries and specials this month with a special re-air of The Project. Islamic extremists are in the United States and want to defeat the West. See the shocking documents that are being withheld from the public by the Department of Justice. The Project, tonight at 8PM ET. WATCH

What's going to happen 8.28 and 8.29 in Birmingham, Alabama?
Recently, Glenn has been discussing his 8/28-8/29 event on radio, television, and Facebook. Recently on radio, Glenn revealed most of the key details about the event. Take and look and make sure you don't miss out! MORE

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