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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting the gang together again...

Dear Friend

I've got some exciting news!

Howie Mandel is the latest person to join our National Finance Team!

No, not the actor. Dr. Howie Mandel, a prominent Los Angeles-based Democratic donor. He served on Obama for America’s Health Policy Advisory Committee and was previously an advisor to then Senator Biden on health care issues during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Dr. Howie Mandel and Vice President Joe Biden

On joining our National Finance Team, Dr. Mandel said:

"The 2016 Presidential election will be about truth and the future. The millennial generation is now the largest in America---it demands authenticity, it demands honesty, it demands a leader with knowledge and experience who will fight for them.

"Vice President Biden tells the truth; he is authentic. In 2007, then Senator Biden was 100% right about Iraq. He was 100% right about Afghanistan. In the 90's, he was right about Bosnia. There are few statesmen in America today who can match his knowledge and experience in international affairs.The world is a dangerous place but with honest, straight talking leadership, together we can handle America's problems. We need Joe Biden to run for President.


So many of my friends who were big players in the Obama campaigns have told me in recent months that they didn't anticipate getting involved with the Primary this cycle. They just weren't "fired up and ready to go" like they used to be. And I know exactly how this feels. Before I signed on with Draft Biden, I had tried very hard to get myself excited about any of the declared Democratic candidates. Folks like us were desperate for the energy and excitement that carried us to victory in 2008 and 2012.

Well, now it's a completely different story. The Vice President's poll numbers have soared in key swing states as he continues to lead the charge and serve as the face of the recent successes of the Obama Administration.

For so many of us, the excitement is coming back and it's evident in the rapid growth of our organization. Each day we are talking to hundreds of new friends, whether they be decided voters who would switch to supporting Joe Biden if he ran, or undecided voters who just haven't been energized enough to get involved in the Primary yet. Whatever the motive, the excitement is palpable and contagious. This is why Dr. Mandel has joined our team, as have many other prominent names that we plan to roll out over the coming days and weeks.

We're getting the gang together again...are you Ridin' with Biden?

Jon Cooper
National Finance Chair 
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