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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 07/22/2015

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What the Social Justice Warriors forget: voters don't like mean people
7/22/2015 10:01:52 AM  Jazz Shaw
Yesterday I launched into a rather lengthy analysis of how the #BlackLivesMatter movement may be getting to the point of overreach and turning off some of the more moderately liberal voters who would otherwise support them. Unfortunately, my discussion

Army Chief of Staff pretty sure we could have stopped the rise of ISIS
7/22/2015 9:21:05 AM  Jazz Shaw
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno is on his way out the door and heading for retirement after a long, highly decorated career. We certainly wish him all the best and thank him for the service he has provided. Before leaving, though, he sat down for a

Texas releases the dashcam video of the Sandra Bland arrest
7/22/2015 8:41:04 AM  Taylor Millard
The Texas Department of Public Safety has released the dashcam video of the arrest of Sandra Bland. The almost hour long video features the first interaction between Bland and Trooper Brian Encinia after she’s pulled over for not using her turn

A mood for change in the Supreme Court
7/22/2015 8:01:02 AM  Jazz Shaw
There seems to be an increasing appetite in the country for some sort of changes at the Supreme Court. This is nothing new… every time the court hands down a series of highly controversial decisions there are going to be people saying that the

Quotes of the day
7/21/2015 10:41:05 PM  Allahpundit
In the newly released video, which was obtained by the Center for Medical Progress, another top official with Planned Parenthood is caught on camera haggling over the prices of aborted baby parts and admitting that she'll alter the method of abortion

Video: Hillary once again plays the part of sad trombone in her own campaign video
7/21/2015 10:01:24 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
More proof that the absolute best thing for the Hillary Clinton campaign is as little of Hillary Clinton as possible. Her press strategy isn’t brave or right, but it’s probably strategically correct. Even plopping her into a prewritten,

Palate cleanser: Pixar releases trailer for "The Good Dinosaur"
7/21/2015 9:21:28 PM  C.T. Rex
Pretty much any day that starts with someone talking nonchalantly about selling the organs of dead babies could use something lighthearted to restore one’s faith in humanity.  Fortunately, Pixar chose today to debut the first trailer for their

Underwater: Americans oppose Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, 38/48
7/21/2015 8:41:53 PM  Allahpundit
New from Pew. And before anyone starts claiming that this means there’s a shot at blocking the deal in Congress, let me gently remind you that the support of just 38 percent of the Senate would be more than enough to ensure that the nuke agreement

Time magazine: Why America is in decline
7/21/2015 8:01:40 PM  Bruce McQuain
My guess is most of us would agree that America seems to be in decline, but not for the reasons TIME magazine does.  Much of the decline is centered in the politics and policies of the governing party. But TIME is pretty sure that, given the study that

Illegal immigrant leaves Denver church sanctuary after nine months
7/21/2015 7:21:05 PM  Jazz Shaw
Here’s a heartwarming story for you. A guy gets stuck in a basement for the better part of a year but finally gets out. It’s a pity we couldn’t just stop right there because I could use some good news about now. Sadly, this isn’t

Should Bill Clinton get a pass for signing legislation that led to the prison population explosion?
7/21/2015 6:41:00 PM  Matt Vespa
Criminal justice reform is an issue that's uniting the left and the right, and there's some talk about reform on the Hill. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have a bill on prison reform. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Patrick Leahy

Video: Meet Jeb Bush's future running mate, America
7/21/2015 6:01:41 PM  Allahpundit
With 16 Republicans now in the race (no typo), why should you pay attention to the latest arrival? Three reasons. 1. If Bush wins the nomination, as seems increasingly likely, I think this guy is the favorite to be his number two. The GOP would strongly

North Korea in no mood to restart nuclear talks with the United States
7/21/2015 5:21:29 PM  Matt Vespa
It's not like this is a priority on the Obama foreign policy docket, but North Korea isn't interested in giving up its nukes … ever. The communist state, which is also one of the world's largest prisons, said that their nuclear arsenal is a deterrent

Five days after Chattanooga shooting, Obama finally orders flags to be flown at half-staff for Marines killed
7/21/2015 4:41:09 PM  Allahpundit
On the one hand, Boehner didn’t get around to ordering the flags at the Capitol lowered until this morning either. On the other hand, how do you explain this? WOW. Mother of Lance Cpl. Skip Wells says the White House has not called her. —

Video: Rand Paul burns, woodchips, and chainsaws the U.S. tax code because Trump shouldn't have all the fun
7/21/2015 4:01:49 PM  Allahpundit
This clip would feel so different if Rand was sitting at 15-20 percent in the polls right now, smack dab in the middle of the top tier, with a huge Super PAC haul under his belt. Imagine it. With the media in early panic mode about Republicans nominating

Beneficiaries of sanctuary cities warn of crackdown on sanctuary cities
7/21/2015 3:21:01 PM  Jazz Shaw
In case you missed it in the flurry of other political entertainment news, the House has begun looking over a bill to impose penalties on so called “sanctuary cities” by cutting off their funding. It’s being sponsored by Duncan Hunter

Trump gives out Lindsey Graham's cell phone number on live TV
7/21/2015 2:41:31 PM  Allahpundit
Like I say, this was a cell phone number, not Graham’s Senate office number, which of course is public. Must be a new tactic he’s trying out. If he was intent on doxxing every famous person who’s called him a jackass, as Graham did last

AP Poll: Americans prioritize religious liberties over gay marriage by wide margin
7/21/2015 2:01:24 PM  Guy Benson
In the wake of last month’s Supreme Court ruling establishing same-sex marriage as a nationwide constitutional right, critics and supporters of the decision alike wondered what the future might hold for Americans of faith whose objections to such

McConnell's "gift" to Hillary Clinton? Not so much.
7/21/2015 1:21:25 PM  Jazz Shaw
Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski was positively giddy this morning when she introduced a video segment covering recent remarks by Mitch McConnell regarding Hillary Clinton and the upcoming election. (You can watch a video of it at the link, but since

New national GOP frontrunner: McCain is a hero, and if there was a misunderstanding, I would take that back
7/21/2015 12:41:48 PM  Allahpundit
The Journal calls it Trump’s attempt to make peace with the GOP after two days of heavy breathing over the McCain comments. It’s not an apology, but Mediaite is right that it’s probably as close as he gets to an apology. Which is good,

Tennessee declines to hide statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest with shrubs
7/21/2015 12:01:30 PM  Jazz Shaw
Just south of Nashville, Tennessee, along Interstate 65, there sits a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest riding on horseback, surrounded by Confederate battle flags. For those with little more than a passing interest in American history, Forrest may be

Schmucktastic: Iran's vow to continue defying the U.S. is "very disturbing," says Kerry
7/21/2015 11:21:48 AM  Allahpundit
What’s “disturbing” about it? It’s been their policy for 36 years. Obama himself said a few days ago that he’s “not betting” on this deal leading to a broader detente with Iran, which is a lie — the whole

Donald Trump vs. John McCain is nothing when it comes to personal attacks
7/21/2015 10:41:14 AM  Taylor Millard
It’s entirely possible this ridiculous John McCain isn’t a war hero because he got captured fiasco is just karma. Ex-New Hampshire Republican Senator Bob Smith told The Washington Post in 2008 McCain once accused him of not being a real

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