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Thursday, July 23, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 07/23/2015

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Senate committee "sleeps" through testimony of parents who lost children to illegal immigrants
7/23/2015 10:01:01 AM  Jazz Shaw
The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Tuesday where family members of victims murdered by illegal aliens were allowed to testify on what is finally becoming a hot topic in Washington. With legislation pending to impose penalties on so called

Government, others freak after CT teen makes cool flying gun
7/23/2015 9:21:46 AM  Taylor Millard
The government and others are going nuts over a Connecticut teen’s pretty cool invention: a drone with a gun. Austin Haughwout posted YouTube video on July 10th, showing the drone firing a semiautomatic handgun. Cue government outrage. Clinton

Trump: If RNC isn't "fair" to me, I'll run as an independent; Update: Flip-flop from … the day before
7/23/2015 8:41:42 AM  Ed Morrissey
After a few days of vacation, I wondered whether the Donald Trump phenomenon would have burnt itself out somewhat, as it did four years ago in a summer fizzle. Instead, Trump’s polling has strengthened nearly to the same level as in the spring of

Congress considers selling off part of strategic oil reserve when it's nearly worthless
7/23/2015 8:01:24 AM  Jazz Shaw
Budget talks are still underway in Washington, specifically in terms of how to pay for the transportation bill and various other goodies on the menu. Our Congress critters have stumbled across a plan though, claiming that they’ve figured out how to

Quotes of the day
7/22/2015 10:41:21 PM  Allahpundit
PPP’s newest national poll finds that Donald Trump is likely facing at least some fallout from his comments about John McCain over the weekend. Nevertheless we do find him narrowly leading the national field in our survey, which went into the field

Europeans think American's "addiction" to air conditioning is "stupid"
7/22/2015 9:21:43 PM  Bruce McQuain
I know, I know … Europeans also believe in the fantasy that they can live in a socialist utopia of sorts and the bill will never come due too. Er, except in Greece, of course. This “new” outrage, though, is simply the usual Euro

Dream of ages realized: McDonald's on verge of making breakfast available all day nationwide
7/22/2015 8:01:37 PM  Allahpundit
We all know the feeling of panic in the backseat at 10:25 on Saturday morning, praying that mom can make it to the drive-through window in five minutes so that you’re not stuck with McNuggets again. Thank heaven, my friends, that our own children

Loretta Lynch: The Justice Department is going to take a look at these Planned Parenthood videos
7/22/2015 7:21:28 PM  Allahpundit
Nothing would build conservative respect for the new AG, especially as compared to her predecessor, like a serious investigation of the left’s most sacred sacred cow. But that won’t happen since her boss obviously won’t let this cow be

Oops! North Dakota's Medicaid expansion costs greater than projected
7/22/2015 6:41:21 PM  Matt Vespa
Surprise! It seems the costs associated with the expansion of Medicaid in North Dakota are higher than what was originally projected. Yet, Republican North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple's decision to expand this awful government-run health care program

WaPo poll: Liberals have won major social issue victories but Americans aren't really 'thrilled'
7/22/2015 6:01:39 PM  Matt Vespa
So, are we moving towards the left on social issues? For now, not really–in fact, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 63 percent of Americans are "uncomfortable" with the direction of the country on such issues, despite a series of liberal

How liberals apologize to Herman Cain and other minority or female conservatives
7/22/2015 5:21:25 PM  Jazz Shaw
I had an interesting and unexpected exchange on Twitter today with Washington Post editorial board member Jonathan Capehart. I actually like Jonathan and enjoy reading his work even though we agree on essentially nothing in the physical universe or the

Feds: Some servicemen killed in Chattanooga attack died while helping others escape from gunman
7/22/2015 4:41:04 PM  Allahpundit
The degenerate who killed them was firing “hundreds” of rounds with what witnesses said appeared to be a fully automatic AK-47. Imagine the courage it’d take to be a few yards away from that and still be focused on saving those around

A special prosecutor just for police?
7/22/2015 4:01:50 PM  Jazz Shaw
Jannell Ross of the Washington post floats the idea of a “Police Prosecutor’s Office” this week, an idea which I’m sure will be received with great approbation in SJW circles. The reason we apparently need an entirely new branch

Rick Perry unloads in speech: Trump is a cancer on conservatism and I will not stay silent on his mean-spirited politics
7/22/2015 3:25:14 PM  Allahpundit
I’ll quote a little but you’re better off reading the whole thing. There’ll be lots of media noise around it for the next few days, especially after Trump responds. And it’s a fine indictment of Hopenchange even apart from the

Video: How to destroy your cell phone — by Lindsey Graham
7/22/2015 2:41:12 PM  Allahpundit
Via the IJ Review, this reminds me of the clip that Carly Fiorina did last week for BuzzFeed, which now has more than half a million views on YouTube. Hers was shrewder because there was a campaign angle to it: It was a way to tell young voters who might

Marco Rubio on Trump: We already have a president with no class. Why would we want another?
7/22/2015 2:01:38 PM  Allahpundit
Via Mediaite, his strategy here is obvious. What I didn’t realize until Benjy Sarlin reminded me on Twitter was that Rubio’s not the first Republican to draw this comparison. Jeb Bush did it last week: Mr. Bush, the former governor of

Video: State Dep't spokesman won't deny "secret side deals" allegedly reached between UN and Iran on nukes
7/22/2015 1:21:19 PM  Allahpundit
Via the Free Beacon. One of the side deals, as reported yesterday by National Review, has to do with inspections of the Parchin military base, where Iran has allegedly conducted bomb research in the past. (The agreement signed between the U.S. and Iran

SKYNET alert: Hackers can now take control of your car
7/22/2015 12:41:34 PM  Jazz Shaw
One of the big complaints I’ve had with cars and trucks (including ours) since the 90s is the increasing reliance on onboard computers which control nearly every aspect of the vehicle’s performance. I’m sure there must be a number of

The path to beating the anti-energy, green warriors
7/22/2015 12:01:56 PM  Jazz Shaw
If you rely on nothing but cable news for coverage of the work being done by opponents of domestic energy exploration, you’d probably think they’re doing pretty well. Rather than trying to win a big, gauzy fight in Washington, DC, allegedly

Quinnipiac poll: Hillary's popularity crumbles in three swing states, now trails three top Republicans
7/22/2015 11:21:20 AM  Allahpundit
Anyone have a tape measure I can borrow? I need to measure some drapes. No, no, I kid. The head-to-head match-ups in this poll mean nothing but the data on Hillary’s deteriorating image is — *mwah* — magnifique. First, the irrelevant

Is ISIS turning the area it controls into a 'functioning state?'
7/22/2015 10:41:12 AM  Bruce McQuain
According to some, that’s exactly what is happening: While no one is predicting that the Islamic State will become the steward of an accountable, functioning state anytime soon, the group is putting in place the kinds of measures associated with

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