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Monday, July 06, 2015

Important news on Glenn’s health

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July 06, 2015
On Today's Program

Long time listeners may have noticed a change in Glenn's voice over the past couple of weeks. After consulting with doctors, he has been diagnosed with severe vocal cord strain resulting from overuse. Glenn's doctors have advised him to rest his voice over the next couple of weeks, and as a result he will be off radio and TV for the month of July. Glenn shared the update in a personal video for fans. See it HERE.

The financial crisis in Greece only continues to deteriorate. Over the weekend, Greek citizens rejected a bailout proposal that would have required deeper austerity measures in exchange for money to pay their enormous debts. Banks are set to run out of cash, and it's unclear what will happen next. Will Greece be able to reach a deal with the other members of the European Union? Or will they refuse to pay back the billions of dollars they owe to financial institutions? Glenn looked at the news and what could happen next HERE.

Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church invited Glenn to be a keynote speaker at his church's Freedom Experience over Independence weekend. Glenn shared incredible stories of faith and history that honored the men and women who shaped America. Watch the powerful speech HERE.

A lot of listeners to the radio show have called in and say they stand with Donald Trump because he says the things other candidates are too scared to say. But when it comes to actual policy on issues like illegal immigration, does he really take a hard stand? Pat and Stu looked past the harsh (and inartful) rhetoric on radio today, and did a deeper analysis on what Trump's actual policy on immigration reform. SPOILER: It looks a lot like amnesty. Get the story and reaction HERE.

Do you know the #1 item to hoard in a crisis? Watch this controversial video before it disappears again. WATCH

Progressives claim that the American people fully support gay marriage, but is there something else at play? Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz believes the evidence shows that people vote at the ballot box to preserve marriage as a union between a man and a woman. During an interview with Glenn, Sen. Cruz explained why he believes marriage is a question left to the states, not the federal government. WATCH

MUST READ Op-Ed: Our Naked President
Bill Siegel writes: In 1958, former FBI Special Agent W Cleon Skousen published The Naked Communist in which he listed the then current communist goals for infiltrating, transforming and ultimately taking over America. A hero to some, fringe writer to others, Skousen had a perspective both fascinating and shocking to reexamine today in light of recent events, including those concerning the Iranian nuclear "negotiation," gay marriage, Obamacare, power grabs of both Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, the advance of Islam, the support for illegal immigration, the ubiquitous charge of "racism," the endless expansion of "civil rights" and the dismantling of our Constitution. MORE

Trafficking Terrorism month begins at TheBlaze!
Muslim Extremists have infiltrated our borders. Hear the terrifying evidence no one is talking about, with additional commentary from Glenn during his 5PM daily show on how we've enabled their rise to power. It all starts off this week with special re-air of Rumors at War on Wednesday at 8PM ET. WATCH

The Dalai Lama offered these incredible words of wisdom that we all need to follow
Would you believe Glenn could ever get a meeting with the Dalai Lama? Glenn had a few minutes to meet with the Dalai Lama in Dallas yesterday and told him about the movement of peace and freedom he hoped to activate this summer. The Dalai Lama listened to the idea, and shared some advice that Glenn took to heart. What did he have to say? Get the story from radio HERE.

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