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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Microsoft issues critical out-of-band patch for flaw affecting all Windows versions

Microsoft cloaks the details of Windows 10 updates | For Windows 10 Home users, Windows Update is mandatory

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Microsoft issues critical out-of-band patch for flaw affecting all Windows versions
Microsoft released an out-of-band patch for a remote, critical flaw in the way Windows Adobe Type Manager Library handles OpenType fonts; all supported versions of Windows are affected. It's being exploited in the wild and Microsoft admitted some of its customers are being attacked. Read More


Leveraging the Cloud for Your Social Business Workloads
Today, "social business" - a broad term that describes how social, mobile, and other technologies facilitate enhanced employee, customer, and partner engagement - has transformed the way we do business. Read this Frost & Sullivan whitepaper to learn why the cloud is one of the key reasons for this rapid transformation. Learn More


Big Data Must Become a First-Class Citizen in the Enterprise
The most direct path to making Big Data -- and Hadoop -- a first-class citizen will be through an "embrace and extend" approach that not only maps to existing skill sets, data center policies and practices, and business use cases, but also extends them. Learn more

Microsoft cloaks the details of Windows 10 updates
Microsoft last week demonstrated how much of a black box a Windows 10 update may be to the millions of users expected to upgrade to the new operating system. Read More

For Windows 10 Home users, Windows Update is mandatory
Insiders poking around with what is presumed to be the RTM code of Windows 10 have made an interesting discovery. Windows Update can't be disabled in Windows 10 Home Edition, and in agreeing to the license terms, users agree to allow Microsoft to install updates automatically. This is the direct opposite of Windows 10 Business Edition, where people can delay updates. Read More

Security suites: Choosing the best one for you
The old days of straightforward antivirus software packages are gone -- victim of a changing threat scene in which the dangers are more complex than ever and come from multiple sources. Read More


3 Guiding Principles to Improve Data Security and Compliance
Data security is a moving target—as data grows, more sophisticated threats emerge; the number of regulations increase; and changing economic times make it difficult to secure and protect data. Learn More

Microsoft Word 2016 review: Finally! Much needed updates make for a better Word
Major update brings unified user interface across all platforms and excellent collaboration features. But it still isn't a feature-for-feature match with Word for Windows. Read More

Facebook, Amazon, Apple pick up spending on lobbying
Apple, Facebook and have increased their expenses on trying to influence U.S. politicians and policy at the federal level, but Google still outstrips them in spending though it reduced expenditure in the second quarter. Read More

Microsoft patches Windows zero-day found in Hacking Team's leaked docs
Microsoft today issued one of its sporadic emergency, or out-of-band, security updates to patch a vulnerability in Windows -- including the yet-to-be-released Windows 10 -- that was uncovered by researchers sifting through the massive cache of emails leaked after a breach of Italian surveillance vendor Hacking Team. Read More


3 Essentials for a Strong End User Security Experience
Data, whether it's intellectual property or personal data, needs to be protected. Upgrading systems is a great first step, but read this summary to learn more about how to leverage Dell Data Protection solutions as well to provide encryption, malware protection, and authentication for Dell and non-Dell products. View now

Report: Microsoft paying $320 million for cloud security provider Adallom
Microsoft is said to be paying $320 million to acquire Adallom, a cloud security provider whose services might help Microsoft in its new push toward becoming a "cloud-first" company. Read More

Windows 10 vs. Windows 8: Performance benchmarks show a close battle for fastest
Windows 10 performance is one of the hardest things to nail down right now. Testing of the new OS, due to ship on July 29, isn't exactly easy, because the public doesn't yet have a way to install the RTM version. Microsoft has been pretty mum about any under-the-hood changes. Read More

Can Microsoft's Azure bring machine learning to the masses?
Machine learning makes software smarter and more aware. It's becoming as integral to our collective computing experience as the Internet itself. But how can developers really get started with it? What's the first step? Read More


Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you.


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