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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Microsoft kicks elderly Windows XP when it's down

  Amazon CTO Vogels on competing with Microsoft in hybrid cloud, keeping partners and customers happy | SharePoint 2016: What do we know?

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Microsoft kicks elderly Windows XP when it's down
Microsoft has stopped producing and distributing anti-malware signatures for its Security Essentials software installed on aged Windows XP PCs. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems
A Powerful Defense Against Denial of Service Attacks
This white paper examines the current DoS landscape and discusses common approaches for dealing with the modern DoS threat. It explains how the Citrix NetScaler application delivery controller (ADC) provides a robust yet highly affordable foundation for an organization's DoS defenses. Learn more >>


Seamless Engagement for Midsize Companies
Explore how a rich, seamless environment, one that is flexible enough to allow everyone to engage where and when they need can enable effortless engagement and sacrifice nothing in the process. Learn More.

Amazon CTO Vogels on competing with Microsoft in hybrid cloud, keeping partners and customers happy
At the AWS Summit in New York, Network World Senior Editor Brandon Butler spoke with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels about the state of the cloud industry, challenges facing AWS, its relationships with partners and customers, and what he's learned from growing AWS into the business it is today. Read More

SharePoint 2016: What do we know?
At this past spring's Ignite — Microsoft's new one-stop software conference that combined all of the other domestic technical events into one giant pot of soup — the software giant revealed some interesting details about SharePoint 2016, the next release of the on-premises version of its collaboration and Office development platform. Read More

Nadella: Microsoft isn't killing Windows Phone and will go it alone if it has to
Windows Phone isn't going away. You might think it was doomed, following Microsoft's reorganization of its phone business just days ago, especially after Microsoft wrote down the value of the business. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put those fears to rest, however. Read More


Strategic CPM as a Driver for Organizational Performance Mgt
Gartner recommends that CFOs and their teams "Identify opportunities to link financial and operational planning processes through strategic CPM applications. Learn More

What to know two weeks ahead of Microsoft's Windows 10 release
If you didn't grab the latest builds of Windows 10 – Build 10162 or Build 10166 – then you will have to wait until launch day because Microsoft is ending beta downloads in advance of launch. Read More

Microsoft rallies partners around cloud, mobile, Windows 10
Following what has become a tradition for Microsoft's Worldwide Partners Conference, chief operating officer Kevin Turner did some old-fashioned fiery preaching in his closing keynote, this year condemning cloud-service competitors like Google for not respecting customers' privacy as they chase profits. Read More

Red Hat pushing hard beyond Linux in the data center
At the recent Red Hat Summit in Boston, Executive Vice President Paul Cormier declared victory for open source. Read More


Forrester Study: Digital Transforms The Game of Business
Download the Forrester study to learn about the competitive impact of going digital by implementing a Digital Transaction Management solution. Learn more

As Apple desktop use grows, IT adapts
Widespread iPhone and iPad adoption is influencing broader use of Apple products in the enterprise, namely desktops and laptops. Read More

Google opens its cloud to Microsoft workloads
Google today expanded support for Windows workloads running on its cloud, a move that the company hopes will better position its Google Cloud Platform to court enterprise customers. Read More

July 2015 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft closes holes being exploited in the wild
For July 2015, Microsoft released 14 security bulletins, with four patches rated as "critical" remote code execution (RCE) fixes. At least one of the fixes rated "critical" and some rated as "important" are currently being exploited in the wild. Read More

Intel profit falls as PC slump continues
Intel's revenue and profit both dropped last quarter as people held off on buying new PCs ahead of the Windows 10 launch later this year. Read More



NASA's cool, radical and visionary concepts

From satellite swarms to interstellar subs NASA is advancing transformative aerospace projects.


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