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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Must Watch: Senator destroys cell phone

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July 22, 2015
On Today's Program

We are now on Day 3 of our 40 Day Challenge — a challenge that will prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies for the historic journey that begins on 8/28 in Birmingham, Alabama. Remember, as long as we have one another and the full armor of God, "who can stand against us?" See today's reading and action steps HERE.

Stu and Pat have promised to stop talking about Donald Trump, but that doesn't mean The Donald isn't in the news. Yesterday, Donald Trump's shenanigans reached a new level when he publicly gave out Lindsey Graham's personal cell phone number. How did the rival GOP presidential hopeful respond? Check out this great viral video from Independent Journal Review HERE.

Bernie Sanders isn't just the presidential candidate with the most openly communist agenda — he's also the ONLY candidate (that we know of, anyway) who recorded a folk album in the 1980s. Look, you could keep reading the newsletter...OR you could click the headline at the top and listen to Bernie Sanders singing 'This Land Is Your Land' and get Pat and Stu's reaction HERE.

Imagine a movie where the VILLAIN is a billionaire tech mogul who gives away free internet and wholeheartedly believes in global warming. Sounds like the kind of movie Hollywood would never produce, right? Well, if you've seen Kingsman: The Secret Service, you'd know that the psychotic bad guy's master plan involves wiping out huge chunks of the parasitic human race so Mother Nature can fix all the things people have done to the planet. But what's scarier— the fictional villain or the progressives in real life who have wanted to reduce the human population for decades! MORE

309 U.S. millionaires recently vanished. Their cars are still there. No savings withdrawn. The NY Times, LA Times, and Fox have all reported on this story. But they missed the big picture. Where did these folks go? Full story here.

The progressive line claims that a lot of illegal immigrants are hardworking people who are just here to help their families and do the jobs Americans don't want to do. Their only crime is entering into this country. When the Director of ICE, Sarah Saldana, tried to spin these talking points to Sen. Ted Cruz, he wasn't having it. Cruz schooled her on the facts behind illegal immigration, and how the Obama administration's actions have endangered the American people. LISTEN

ISIS is here
Tonight For The Record: Zero Footprint at 8PM ET and For The Record: The Boston Blueprint at 8:30 PM ET will show you why Libya became a launching point for terrorism and why Boston is a hotbed for terror. Then, tomorrow night, Buck Sexton, former CIA intelligence analyst will show you how ISIS is using social media to spread propaganda and recruit new members. Are you falling victim to this recruitment tactic? And what about your safety? WATCH

General wants internment camps for 'radicalized' Americans
Huge progressive and former Democratic presidential candidate Ret. Gen. Wesley Clarke made some shocking comments on MSNBC, calling for "radicalized" Americans to be placed in internment camps. It's a scary term and one really has to ask where the line will be drawn on this kind of thinking. See the video and get Glenn's reaction on these shocking comments HERE.

The NEW 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge: Day 2
It's not too late to catch up on the 40 Day, 40 Night challenge See yesterday's readings and what action you need to take HERE.

Planned Parenthood proves that 'pro-choicers' hate women
You've no doubt heard about the second video, released this week, showing a Planned Parenthood executive negotiating compensation for extracted baby organs. Mary Gatter, a medical director in California, blithely converses with the undercover investigators about the prices for body parts. She refers to the discussion as a "negotiation" and worries that if she throws out a figure first, she might end up with a "lowball" number. MORE

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