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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nearly 43% likely to switch to Joe if he announces!

Dear Friend
We have big news to share! A new Monmouth University poll shows us what the race would look like if Joe enters - and the numbers show that nearly HALF OF ALL DECIDED PRIMARY VOTERS WOULD SWITCH THEIR SUPPORT TO JOE BIDEN IF HE RUNS FOR PRESIDENT!

"Vice President Joe Biden has not announced his intentions for 2016, but recent media reports suggest he is leaning towards a run. He currently earns 13% support in the poll, similar to prior results. However, the Monmouth poll finds his support should grow if he chooses to enter the fray. An additional 12% of Democratic voters say they would be very likely to support Biden if he gets into the race and another 31% say they would be somewhat likely. Taken together with the support he currently holds in the vote choice question, about 1-in-4 voters say they would be very likely to get behind Biden, and more than half would be at least somewhat likely."
So many voters that we've talked to are eager to support Joe Biden in a bid for President but they are anxiously holding back their financial or field support until Joe announces his intentions. I think it's fair for us to say- Joe's been waiting for us too! This is our turn. Let's show the Vice President that not only does he have poll numbers that show he is extremely competitive in the Primary, but he also has the financial and grassroots support he needs to carry him through this bid for the Presidency. 
This is a big deal. Let's make the most of it!
Will Pierce
Executive Director
Draft Biden 2016
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