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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Open source router project administers Lithium

Making use of Cisco's labs to practice for certifications | TEST: Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

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Open source router project administers Lithium
OpenDaylight is a participant in the CloudRouter Project, and Lithium was released two weeks ago. It is OpenDaylight's third SDN controller release and includes enhancements in security and automation, scalability, performance, OpenStack and group-based policy, including support for Cisco/Citrix/IBM/Microsoft/Sungard OpFlex policy protocol. Read More


Cloud Security - Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud
To make the best cloud decisions, organizations must understand the different benefits and varied challenges each model offers. View Now


Technical Overview: Anatomy of the Cloudant DBaaS
Deciding which data management platform will provide the best performance takes a lot of research and planning. A Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution like Cloudant helps accelerate the process. Learn More

Making use of Cisco's labs to practice for certifications
A major hurdle for students wanting to achieve the various Cisco Certifications has always been equipment. Sure, a student could purchase a few used devices via an auction site for something like the entry-level CCENT Certification, but what about more complex certifications that might require thousands (or more) worth of gear? Read More

TEST: Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools
Many Wi-Fi test tools are software-based, such as Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzer programs that use a laptop's internal Wi-Fi or maybe a USB wireless adapter. Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you. (Insider Story) Read More

Google, ISPS offering free broadband to low-income families
Google and seven other ISPs have joined a new U.S. government pilot program to connect 275,000 low-income households to the Internet for free or at reduced rates. Read More


Architects Lead the Way for Data-Driven Apps
Application architects are facing the challenges of keeping up with social, mobile and big data applications as business demands increase. To successfully meet these demands, they must identify, build and deliver modern apps while supporting IT. Learn how application architects can deliver long-lasting apps while reducing risk, complexity and cost. Learn more >>

Apple updates the iPod Touch with impressive new upgrades
We may be living in a decidedly iPhone world, but the iPod isn't dead just yet. On Tuesday morning, while most everyone was preoccupied with Amazon's Prime Day, Apple quietly revamped its entire iPod lineup. Read More

What to know two weeks ahead of Microsoft's Windows 10 release
If you didn't grab the latest builds of Windows 10 – Build 10162 or Build 10166 – then you will have to wait until launch day because Microsoft is ending beta downloads in advance of launch. Read More

Researchers suggest new method to improve Wi-Fi propagation
If you've ever wondered why your Wi-Fi signals are spotty and don't fill buildings adequately, one reason is that the frequencies that are used aren't particularly suited for that purpose. That's despite improving router and antenna design. Read More


5 Key Strategies for Successful Mobile Engagement
Read this whitepaper to learn how to invigorate your brand presence with the IBM mobile customer engagement platform. Learn More

Plexxi unveils second gen SDN switches
SDN company Plexxi this week launched its second generation of switches which are designed to optimize the physical infrastructure for application behavior. Read More

Looking for something nearby? Wi-Fi Aware could find it for you
A new feature of Wi-Fi could help people find both each other and things nearby, without even being near a hotspot. Read More

Cisco indirect infringement case against Arista dismissed
A federal judge dismissed Cisco's indirect infringement claims against Arista Networks, a complaint that accompanied a patent and copyright infringement case against its data center rival. Read More

ALMOST off the grid at Yellowstone, Glacier national parks
I'd heard that I might be cut off from cellphone service when visiting Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park for the first time earlier this month, but didn't quite believe it until I got there. Sure enough, my Verizon-powered iPhone showed No Service most of the time I was there, pretty much to my relief. Read More


NASA's cool, radical and visionary concepts

From satellite swarms to interstellar subs NASA is advancing transformative aerospace projects.


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