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Monday, July 20, 2015

REVIEW: Email encryption has gotten so much better, so you’d be crazy not to use it

Cisco to buy more security | IBM Watson's next trick: Helping you write better

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REVIEW: Email encryption has gotten so much better, so you'd be crazy not to use it
In the past, recipients of encrypted emails had to share the same system as the sender, and many email clients were difficult to configure. Today, many products have a 'zero knowledge encryption' feature, which means you can send an encrypted message to someone who isn't on your chosen encryption service. (Insider Story) Read More

WHITE PAPER: Neustar Inc

Don't Let Your DDoS Defense Fall Behind
DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service attacks – a familiar foe that's changed and evolved to become even more dangerous. But has your security kept pace with today's attacks? Read how a flexible hybrid solution gives you the best chance of detection and protection against these ever-changing attacks. Learn More


Continuous Cybersecurity Optimization
In this webinar you will learn about IKANOW's business-centric approach to continuous cybersecurity optimization and prioritized risk reduction. Learn More

Cisco to buy more security
Cisco's looking to double or triple its share of enterprise security infrastructure spend, from 9% to 20% to 30%, according to SeekingAlpha, citing investment banking analysis from meetings with Cisco management. That means it will be looking to acquire more security companies. Read More

IBM Watson's next trick: Helping you write better
IBM's Watson has already proven its mettle in the kitchen and on game shows, but its latest skill set is one that could help us all: making sure our writing conveys what we want it to. Read More


Leveraging the Cloud for Your Social Business Workloads
Today, "social business" - a broad term that describes how social, mobile, and other technologies facilitate enhanced employee, customer, and partner engagement - has transformed the way we do business. Read this Frost & Sullivan whitepaper to learn why the cloud is one of the key reasons for this rapid transformation. Learn More

Will the White House disappoint on H-1B displacements?
A top White House official told House lawmakers this week that the replacement of U.S. workers by H-1B visa holders is troubling and not supposed to happen. But it is hard to tell whether the administration will do anything about it. The signals are mixed. Read More

Technology, the law, and you: BYOD
For a long time, it seemed that, like death and taxes, BYOD was inescapable. Read More

WHITE PAPER: PC Connection

5 Steps to Help Defend Your Network
The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture can provide the necessary levels of application intelligence, contextual information, visibility and automated control to enable the network to be the foundation for companies today as well as in the future. Learn More

Homejoy's loss could be Google's gain
Homejoy, the at-home cleaning service that's one of a new breed of startups serving as a broker of on-demand services, is shutting down, as companies in that category face legal challenges aimed at forcing them to classify freelancers as employees. Read More

For Windows 10 Home users, Windows Update is mandatory
Insiders poking around with what is presumed to be the RTM code of Windows 10 have made an interesting discovery. Windows Update can't be disabled in Windows 10 Home Edition, and in agreeing to the license terms, users agree to allow Microsoft to install updates automatically. Read More

Windows 10 license confirms no-warning automatic updates and upgrades
The license agreement for Windows 10 is, like the OS itself, a different kind of beast, with new clauses that spell out automatic updates, the bundling of Office and what happens when a user tries to upgrade from a pirated copy. Read More

6 ways the Chromebook changed my life (and one way it didn't)
In December 2010, I got a surprise, an early Christmas gift from Google: The company sent me a Cr-48, the first-model Chromebook, which I reviewed at the time. From that point on, I used it nearly every day, mostly for web browsing and writing assignments. (Insider Story) Read More


Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you.


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