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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Setting priorities with July's huge Patch Tuesday

Computerworld Security: July 16, 2015

Setting priorities with July's huge Patch Tuesday

The July 2015 Patch Tuesday is a surprisingly large update with patches to
Internet Explorer, Office, SQL Server and several key Windows components.

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2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report

CyberEdge Group's 2nd annual Cyberthreat Defense Report provides a penetrating
look at how IT security professionals perceive cyberthreats and plan to defend
against them.



1. Assessing the value of cyber-insurance

2. Darkode hacking forum shuts after investigation spanning 20 countries

3. UK surveillance helicopter police act like paparazzi, tweet then delete celebrity photo

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Managing the Unmanageable: The Network Security Perspective

This webinar will provide strategies and best practices to secure your network
and apps against threats while optimizing availability and performance. Learn
how Citrix NetScaler provides secure networking solutions that enable IT to
automate security, protect intellectual property, and ensure data privacy while
meeting compliance mandates.


Assessing the value of cyber-insurance

A good policy would be welcome if a data breach ever hit our manager's company,
but what constitutes a good policy?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Modern Threats Against Web Properties

Customers, employees and partners are more frequently accessing web-delivered
services from their mobile devices. At the same time, attackers are constantly
discovering new ways to compromise security, including advanced malware and
application layer attacks. Without the right tools, you are vulnerable.


Darkode hacking forum shuts after investigation spanning 20 countries

Law enforcement agencies from 20 countries working together have shut down a
major computer hacking forum, and U.S. officials have filed criminal charges
against a dozen people associated with the website, the U.S. Department of
Justice announced.

UK surveillance helicopter police act like paparazzi, tweet then delete celebrity photo

Did the National Police Air Service abuse its surveillance authority by tweeting
a picture of UK comedian Michael McIntyre? McIntyre was in public, but was it an
invasion of privacy or a breach of data privacy laws?


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