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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The government’s tool of fear

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July 28, 2015
On Today's Program

With Glenn still off air resting his voice, Buck Sexton took to radio this morning to discuss what he called the "ultimate self-licking ice cream cone," the IRS. Unchecked in its authority and without safeguards or accountability, the IRS exists just to exist, he said, and to enlarge itself. With 70,000 pages of tax code, the IRS can make your life very difficult even if you're found guilty of absolutely nothing. It's no wonder the mere mention of the IRS elicits fear and disgust from even the most thorough taxpayers striving to be on the up and up all the time. MORE

We are now on Day 9 of our 40 Day Challenge — a challenge that will prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies for the historic journey that begins on 8/28 in Birmingham, Alabama. Remember, as long as we have one another and the full armor of God, "who can stand against us?" See today's reading and action steps HERE.

How the media reacts to a story reveals a lot. When they don't react, it speaks even louder. That's the theme Buck Sexton drilled into audiences during last night's TV show. Look no further than the mainstream media's coverage of the 2016 election for the perfect example of hypocrisy. The media talks about every Bridge-Gate and John Doe investigation into Republicans, but they don't dare talk about Hillary Clinton's highly questionable behavior as Secretary of State. Get the story and reaction HERE.

Filling in for Glenn today, Buck Sexton introduced his trademarked "Buck Brief," a short monologue related to national security he performs on his regular afternoon show on TheBlaze Radio. After some cool, digital sound effects and a voice saying, "This is a secure space. All outside comms are down. Prepare to receive the Buck Brief," Buck dove into President Obama's policies dealing with ISIS and other global threats. LISTEN

President Reagan set into motion a series of events that could take down the Obama Administration. In fact, the entire ObamaCare program is now in jeopardy from Reagan's historic move … and so are the big drug companies who collude with Obama's FDA at the expense of your health. Click here for details.

In the wake of the Iran Nuclear Deal, a lot of confusing science and bad analogies have emerged attempting to explain what the deal actually means. Misinformation from the mainstream media and the Obama administration has perpetuated the confusion, distracting our attention from the facts, which are plain and simple. Jason Buttrill, chief researcher at TheBlaze, revealed in beautiful simplicity Iran's history of rogue behavior and how this deal does nothing but kick the can further down the road. WATCH

Is your town at risk?
Terrorists are infiltrating our weak southern border and entering the U.S. without a trace. Their mission: Attack the United States from within. Find out if your town is safe in this new, exclusive documentary, The Sun City Cell, premiering Wednesday at 8PM ET. Only on TheBlaze TV. WATCH

Stunning pattern of radicalization at mosque attended by Chattanooga shooter revealed
From the outset of the investigation on the recent Chattanooga, Tenn. shooting, authorities have insisted that the shooter, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was a "homegrown violent extremist" without ties to ISIS or other terrorist groups. On radio yesterday, Buck Sexton interviewed investigative journalist Paul Sperry, who pointed out an important detail revealing quite the opposite. MORE

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