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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Left has done it again!

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July 10, 2015
On Today's Program

Wouldn't you expect a popular presidential candidate in the middle of a press tour for a new book to at least rate on The New York Times bestseller list? Well, despite selling over an impressive 11,000 books in its first week — which would put it in THIRD — the paper kept the book completely off the list. Why? A Times spokesperson claims Cruz's book didn't meet "uniform standards." WOW! Glenn couldn't believe it, and gave his reaction to the story HERE.

"I've never had a subpoena," Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate said in an interview. Really? Is this just a "right wing conspiracy" out to get her? Nope, plenty of Congressmen have subpoenaed the former Secretary of State, although most didn't do it in a public manner. After he heard the lie, Trey Gowdy called her out. Once again, Hillary is playing every political trick in the book. Pat and Stu have the story and reaction on radio HERE.

Tune in weekly on Saturday's, beginning this weekend, for The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show. The weekly two-hour podcast is hosted by the noted rabbinic scholar, author, public speaker, and one of the "Top 50 Rabbis in America" to Newsweek. Hear the wide focus of topics from finances, relationships, and faith, to service and everyday life. LISTEN

For almost a year, Rabbi Lapin has been promising people that he would be starting a new podcast. He just needed to find the right home for it. Well, on today's radio show he announced that he's teamed up with TheBlaze Radio for the project. What does he have planned? Rabbi Lapin spoke with Pat and Stu on radio this morning about some of the issues he wants to tackle every week. Get the full interview HERE.

Glenn may be on a speaking hiatus, but that is not stopping him from sharing his thoughts about the world. See one of his latest posts on Facebook discussing how the entire world could change on October 20, 2015. READ

Did Rand Paul's tax plan win you over this time? Did Ted Cruz's unbelievable Ned Flander's impression make you feel feelings you've never felt for another human being before? You asked for the July results of our GOP candidate audience poll, and have them. Get the results HERE.

Tune in next week for more of Trafficking Terrorism month
TheBlaze continues to show you important documentaries and specials this month. Now on demand, you can watch Rumors of War III and The Project. And don't forget to tune in next week, July 15th at 8PM ET to watch Total Confrontation followed by The Purge at 8:30 PM ET, where we'll tell you how ISIS' plan is beginning to unfold at an alarming rate and how the FBI has purged key intelligence that would help protect us. Also, don't miss our new special, Threat Matrix: ISIS July 16th at 8PM ET. WATCH

Pro-Choice! Pro-Amnesty! Pro-Oprah! All the reasons you should NOT vote for Donald Trump
It's no secret that Stu isn't a big fan of Donald Trump, but some listeners seem to think he'd be a great candidate. In fact, many polls have shown him near the top. People seem to love his "straight talk" and "hard stand" on illegal immigration. But what are his real policies? Stu dedicated the opening of Wednesday's show to explain — using facts and quotes from Trump himself — to show why there is NOTHING remotely conservative about Donald Trump and his candidacy. MORE

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