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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Right Scoop

The Right Scoop

Taking the Confederate Flag down HELPS expand Obamacare, increase minimum wage, says SC State Senator

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 04:23 PM PDT

confederate welfareMarlon Klimpson is a Democratic South Carolina State Senator and ...

Hillary interview was ‘TERRIBLE,’ reminded people what they DISLIKE about her – VOX’s Jonathan Allen

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 02:50 PM PDT

jonathan allenEven Jonathan Allen from VOX of all places had to ...

Anchor DENIES meddling into news reporting by billionaire Univision owner and Hillary-supporter

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 02:00 PM PDT

maria elena salinas 1Univision anchorette Maria Elena Salinas went on CNN with lefty ...

Tough MSM question to Socialist Bernie Sanders: Do you like Pope Francis’ anti-Capitalist statements?

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 01:00 PM PDT

bernie sandersHere’s one of those “hardball questions” from the “objective media” ...

Netanyahu tweets that Iran is a GREATER threat than ISIS… and he’s RIGHT!

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 12:00 PM PDT

netanyahuPeople are freaking out over a tweet that Netanyahu’s office ...

‘I was SURPRISED she didn’t show CONTRITION’ – Hillary’s first interviewer says she lied about subpoena

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 11:09 AM PDT

brianna keilarBrianna Keilar seemed to want to escape the criticism from ...

Jeb Bush is a ‘DISASTER’ and the ONLY candidate Hillary is SURE to BEAT – Chess champion Kasparov

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 10:15 AM PDT

Garry-Kasparov-speaker-2-webChess champion Gary Kasparov is often full of wisdom about ...

Trump came in like a WRECKING BALL!! – Lindsay Graham’s Miley Cyrus impression

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 09:33 AM PDT

lindsay-grahamLindsay Graham said that the Trump candidacy was an absolute ...

Immigration reform is ‘ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE’ – John Boehner deflects on why they didn’t just pass a bill

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 08:36 AM PDT

boehnerOn “Face the Nation,” Speaker John Boehner talked about sanctuary ...

‘DEMAND the EVIDENCE!’ – Ted Cruz CALLS OUT the New York Times on book blacklisting!

Posted: 12 Jul 2015 07:45 AM PDT

tedcruzThe Ted Cruz campaign is not backing down from it’s ...

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