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Thursday, July 09, 2015

United's woes show what's hard about networking

  A bigger, faster Google Glass is headed for the workplace | SDN: The emerging reality
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United's woes show what's hard about networking
  United Airlines grounded its planes for about an hour on Wednesday, reportedly because of a router failure. That's a wide path of destruction for one piece of equipment, but it's the kind of hazard that comes with networking, where each piece is always linked to everything else. Read More

WHITE PAPER: CatchPoint Systems, Inc.

The Ultimate Guide to Web Performance Monitoring
Web performance impacts your users' experience, how they view your brand, and whether they browse, consume content, purchase, or return to your site. This comprehensive guide to proactive web monitoring will help take your business to new heights by providing you with cutting-edge tips to enhance your performance. Learn More


Old PCs put your business at risk
Read this paper to learn what your organization can do to overcome security challenges. View now

A bigger, faster Google Glass is headed for the workplace
Google Glass appears to be on its way back, and it's heading straight for the workplace with a bigger, faster design. That's the consensus from recent filings made to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and a news report Wednesday citing sources familiar with the project. Read More

SDN: The emerging reality
Change is still afoot in Software Defined Networking, but it is now at least clear that SDN is here to stay, that SDN will be the way we build networks going forward. In this Network World Spotlight special report, pulled together by the editors of Network World, we analyze key developments and gauge where organizations stand today in their SDN planning. Read More

How to find cellular access when traveling (without international roaming)
My wife, two kids, and I just took a three-day trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, from our home in Seattle. Joining us were three laptops, two iPod touches, three Kindles, and two iPhones. We remembered to bring clothes and sunscreen, too. Read More

WEBCAST: Aerohive

Gigabit Speed Wireless Networks with 802.11ac
With the development of 802.11ac, WLANs surpass the gigabit speed barrier. Watch this webinar recording featuring author of "802.11ac: A Survival Guide" (O'Reily), Matthew Gast, for a discussion on 802.11ac and why it's posed to become the 802.11 standard of choice and how to incorporate it into your network plans. View now>>


What is Second Wave Wi-Fi?
The second wave of 802.11ac is coming ashore and the new MU-MIMO technology (Multi-User, Multiple Input Multiple Output) is going to make a splash. It's one of the biggest improvements to Wi-Fi we've seen to date with the potential to greatly increase wireless network throughput and make a huge difference in dense, high capacity networks. (Insider Story) Read More


Cisco buys cloud-based contract administrator
Cisco this week announced intentions to acquire privately held MaintenanceNet, a provider of cloud-based software to manage recurring customer contracts. Cisco will pay $139 million in cash and retention based incentives to acquire MaintenanceNet. Read More

IEEE group recommends random MAC addresses for Wi-Fi security
According to new recommendations by an IEEE study group, the Wi-Fi protocol needs to be updated to use randomly generated addresses for better security and privacy. Read More


3 Essentials for a Strong End User Security Experience
Data, whether it's intellectual property or personal data, needs to be protected. Upgrading systems is a great first step, but read this summary to learn more about how to leverage Dell Data Protection solutions as well to provide encryption, malware protection, and authentication for Dell and non-Dell products. View now

Silver Peak's SD WAN solution boosts application performance
Silver Peak just had a major announcement pertaining to SD WAN, and not surprisingly, this company is building on its deep expertise in WAN acceleration. Read More

Is this report on cloud fears in the enterprise justified or overblown?
It's always interesting to see a vendor use a piece of sponsored research to justify their market positioning. That's what iLand is doing with a new study conducted by Forrester, but let's take a look to see how valid the conclusions from the report are. Read More

Despite warnings, majority of firms still run some Windows Server 2003
Enterprises are still heavily dependent on Windows Server 2003 even though there were plenty of warnings that support is coming to an end on July 14 -- and this opens them up to security, compliance and operational risks. Read More



12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds and more.


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