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Friday, July 24, 2015

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 Dreamland This Week: Linda Moulton Howe
Another horrific half-cat mutilation cycle has begun. As before, not a trace of any perpetrator can be found, despite the large number of felines affected. Then, in the second half of the show, a mysterious boom throws a woman across a beach and injures her. What was the cause of this bizarre event? Linda has some startling revelations!

To listen, click here.
The Experience: You're Sitting in the Audience, and the Subject is YOU
What is it like to be an experiencer at a conference where the experts on stage are talking about your situation? A situation they've likely not been in? And what is it that the nuts-and-bolts alien proponents have been overlooking when interpreting these experiences? We get into that and more in this cutting room floor extension of the "Medusa Snake Girl" interview from the sixth episode, A Lesson In Hierarchy.
To listen, click here.
Dreamland Now Available on TuneIn Radio
TuneInRadio is by far the most popular app for radio listening, and now free Dreamland is available on TuneIn. Listen to the free portion of Dreamland on TuneIn's website right now or get the app on your mobile device. Click here to listen.

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Unknowncountry News This Week
Is More Disclosure Coming? Click here.
Advanced Surgical Screw Found in Ancient Mummy. Click Here.
NASA Announces Discovery of Earth-Like Planet. Click here.
Physicist Builds Warp Drive in His Garage. Click here.  •  6338 N New Braunfels  •  San Antonio, TX 78209

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