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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

VIDEO: Libs caught selling aborted baby body parts

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July 14, 2015
On Today's Program

There are many, many reasons to shut down Planned Parenthood. First and foremost would be they facilitate the murder of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies each year. They also were caught helping sex slaves figure out how to cheat on taxes. Selling body parts of aborted babies was yet another strike against them. What's Stu's argument? Find out HERE.

A top physician appears to be purposefully skirting federal law in order to traffic the lungs, hearts and livers of aborted babies. The video is extremely disturbing as the Planned Parenthood representative casually eats lunch and chats about crushing the baby to death while preserving certain organs. Matt Walsh responded to the shocking story on — read it HERE.

Tuesday morning, The Obama administration celebrated a new nuclear deal with Iran. The deal will see Iran curb its nuclear program, keeping the country from generating material for a nuclear weapon, in exchange for a lifting of international sanctions that will result in billions of dollars of relief. Surely decades of animosity between the U.S. and Iran are now at an end, peace has been achieved in the Middle East, and Israel is safe and sound sitting next to a country that has wanted to destroy it since its creation. Yeah, right. Glenn pleaded with people all over the world to wake up to the dangers of Iran and what could happen as a result of this deal. Get his full reaction HERE.

Brad Thor joined Pat and Stu on radio this morning to discuss his new book, Code of Conduct, and the Iran nuclear deal that was announced this morning. Thor railed against the mainstream media, claiming their lack of intellectual curiosity has allowed the Obama administration to do whatever it wants, regardless of what it means for the country. Thor said the world is now a much more dangerous place because of the Iran deal, and Israel should be scared for its very existence. Get the full interview from radio HERE.

Utah engineer has developed a new "magic bullet" device that instantly protects you 100% against blackouts, power failures and the crumbling electric grid. WATCH

Last night Glenn's program featured a segment titled, "Enabling the Enemy," that breaks down Obama's horrific foreign policy mistakes. In many instances these mistakes are the exact same ones the Bush administration made. Obama promised a new era of foreign policy — but has anything changed? Blaze head writer Dan Andros and head researcher Jason Buttrill break it down. WATCH

Greece and European Union reach deal that will tick off everyone in Greece
Remember how the Greek people held a referendum just a few days ago to overwhelmingly reject the austerity measures presented by the European Union? Well, the two sides finally came to a deal over the weekend to avoid financial collapse — but it's way worse for the Greek people than they were expecting. Pat and Stu had the story and reaction on radio. LISTEN

Don't miss out on Trafficking Terrorism month!
Tune in this Thursday at 5PM ET on the Glenn Beck Program, guest host Brad Thor provides a special national security update. Then don't miss Buck Sexton's new special, Threat Matrix: ISIS, Thursday at 8PM ET. In case you missed any of our earlier specials, you can catch up anytime on demand. WATCH

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