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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Borderland Beat

Borderland Beat

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Ucareo, the "Uprising" of a Michoacán Town

Posted: 07 Jul 2015 08:15 PM PDT

Photo by: Enrique Castro

By: Arturo Estrada; José Gil Olmos | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

In the town of Ucareo, municipality of Zinapécuaro, around 300 villagers and farmers set up road blocks in order to close the passage of criminals who have plagued the region while simultaneously requesting the release of three people who are accused of having murdered and hung two kidnappers from a bridge.

The people of this place expressed through a video that they could no longer put up with the abuses of organized crime groups and requested the presence of the Mexican Army to restore peace.

Guillermo Valencia, the former mayor of Tepalcatepec appears in the video where he says that it is farmers and villagers who are in a vulnerable situation faced with the attack by any armed group.

This autodefensa group of Ucareo appears days after the hanging of two men from a bridge appeared in which local residents say that they were suspected kidnappers.

The state prosecutor's office arrested five people of Ucareo who are accused of having done justice with their own hands.

The spokesman of the town, Fermín García, said that "the presumption of innocence was violated", therefore the three detainees should be released from jail.

The state prosecutor's office reported that the judge will be the one to resolve the legal status of the three on July 10.

Based on testimonies, the two people who were found hanging from a bridge had participated in the kidnapping of a resident of Ucareo, and demanded a ransom for the freedom of the resident.

Later, the kidnappers were detained by a group of villagers and taken to the bridge where they were later hung.

The clandestine graves of "La China"

Posted: 07 Jul 2015 06:32 AM PDT

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[ Subject Matter: Clandestine graves, La China, FEdD
Recommendation: See link to BB reporter Tijuanos article on her capture]

After the capture, and the denunciation of her boyfriend Pedro Hector Gomez Camarena "El Chino", Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda, in SEIDO's arraignment centre, Security Forces went to clandestine graves identified by the Assassin, where there were interred 2 men and 3 women.

Reporter: Zeta investigations and Cortesia

After the primary investigations of the PGJE of Baja California Sur, they have located 5 bodies in clandestine graves in the community of El Comitan in the North of La Paz, put there by Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda "La China", boss of Sicarios for capos son, Damaso Lopez Serrano "El Mini Lic".

The location of the clandestine graves was given up by the boyfriend of the assassin and armed wing of Fuerzas Especiales de Damaso, Pedro Hector Gomez Camarena "El Chino", who after giving his first statements in the Arraignment Centre of SEIDO in Mexico City, finished by revealing that " they had buried two men and three women in clandestine graves they had dug into the river bank of a single stream in the El Comitan community north of La Paz.

According to his declaration, the Sicarios couldn't remember the exact point of location of the graves, but he expounded that the guy who was responsible for digging the graves and putting the bodies had been Pedro Cisneros Silva "El Peter" or "El Chapo", who had used a vehicle , white colored with beige fringes, polarised windows, model 1999 Ford Windstar with circulation plates 359-PMM-9

La China's boyfriend physically described El Peter, he had buried the corpses between 4 and 6 weeks ago approximately. He is 50 years old, thin stature, short hair, of approximately 1.50 metres height.

During the interrogation, he unveiled that in the underworld he is also known as "Edgar Leonel Meraz Felix" and or "Edgar Leonel Palacios", he also told of two safe houses of his accomplice whom he identified as "El Enterrador" or "the Gravedigger".

The first of the safe houses was on Calles San Ramon and Santa Isabel in the Santa Fe Colonia in La Paz.

Without the necessity to press him, the criminal offered key information about the network of links of "La China" and the Municipal Police and State Police, and gave up names of officers of both institutions involved in criminal activity.

From the start, the boyfriend and Lieutenant of "La China" said that his girlfriend " did not agree with the return of Abel Nahum Quintero Manjarrez or Cruz Alonson Lozoya Uriate "El Grande", which took a lot of courage.

After his arrest in the shootout in the Villas del Encanto Colonia of La Paz, they decided to become independent and create their own criminal group, they put Adrian Medina Velazquez "El Moreno" in charge as he was " apparently the popular choice", and who incidentally was captured the next day after the arrest of " La China's" boyfriend in the Coromuel Colonia of La Paz.

The principal cells of the criminal organization according to testimony taken by SEIDO are:

Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda "La China", as leader, Pedro Hector Gomez Camarena "El Chino" as Lieutenant, Sergio Nunez Beltran "El Scar" as the armed wing, Rogelio Franco Carrasco "El Tyson", for logistics, Pedro Cisneros Silva "El Peter" or "El Chapo", as responsible for distribution of drugs and disposing of the bodies of victims of this criminal band.

Their crimes

The boyfriend of "La China", said previously to the capture of "El Grande", Melissa had been hurting and pissed off because of the return of "El Grande", who came to replace her as head of Sicarios of Los Damaso, also that he knew she had been complicit in the crimes of her ex boyfriend Erick Davalos Von Borstel.

He had been pulling with us, and had already thought about forming their own group within Los Damaso because we had control of the territory for retail drug trade from Avenue Colosio until avenue February the 5th, and had deployed dealers on red motorcycles.

The boyfriend explained that business of his girlfriend criminal boss was to kill and sell drugs, for that we started carrying weapons and to use fresh vehicles and change them often because we were being pursued by the authorities.

We didn't want to be detained, and it was costing us a lot of money with all the safe houses that the police were seizing and searching.

Then according to the criminal, "La China", spoke with "El Tyson", and tasked him with getting a pickup van, but not from outside of La Paz. He spoke with a girlfriend of some friends that he had in Baja California, in San Quintin, they said they could get a van and that they would pay for it, and that when the girlfriend had it, she would contact them and arrange a viewing.

They called and we invited them to bring the vehicle to a safe house, they came by but we didn't want to pay for the vehicle so we killed them.

The boyfriend said that after the killings at the safe house that he and "La China" carried the bodies to a grey Nissan van, with USA plates, and we stopped by the house of "El Peter" in the Bellavista Colonia.

We told "El Peter" to get some shovels and picks and a crow bar because we had to bury some people, he asked who they were and we explained that they were a couple from San Quinitin who came to sell us a truck, and that we had killed them because we didn't want to pay them.

The Sicario said that then they buried they bodies on the outskirts of the community of "El Comitan", in the North of La Paz, because they knew the zone was quiet and had few patrols by security forces.

After burying the bodies, "El Tyson", the head of logistics for "La China" arrived, he knew the dead people from San Quintin as he had arranged for them to get the vehicle, we started to argue with him because he didn't agree with what we had done.

The argument got out of hand, in such a way that "El Tyson" threatened to denounce us, so we killed him and buried him with the other bodies.

During the interrogation, Pedro Hector Gomez Camarena "El Chino", showed no remorse for his victims, on the contrary, he spoke bodily of those he had killed, like the case of the girlfriend of the armed wing of this criminal cell, Sergio Nunez Beltran "El Scar".

According to the boyfriend of "La China", a woman named Martha, of who he doesn't remember her nickname, but who he identified as "a prostitute that worked in the central zone of La Paz", was killed because she had finished her relationship with "El Scar", they realised that we had to kill her.

The criminal said that "when Melissa went independent of Los 28, to start her own cell, they talked about all of the narco traffickers of the zone they were going to control, they had one of the name of David Adiel Garza Gavarain alias "El Tocho", who didn't want to run with us.

He was pissed and full of bravado, because he was one of our people that had turned sides for drug dealing and had aligned with Adrian Medina Velazquez or "Moreno 5", when he was appointed head of "Los Damaso".

It was that, according to the testimony of the criminal, led to them hunting him, but we could not catch him, so we caught his girlfriend, her name was Lourdes and her nickname was Lulu, Melissa carrying a lot of bravado had her killed and we buried with the others in the narco fosas.

The detention of "El Peter"

With all this information, the investigating agents of the PGJE, initiated and search for the location of "El Peter" or "El Chapo", who was located when he returned to his safe house from selling drugs in the Fovissste Colonia of La Paz.

With prior knowledge of the direction he was travelling and the vehicle type, the investigators traced it back to Calle Bahia de La Paz towards Calle 2.

The officials observed first a Vagoneta van, and after stopping it and looking in the interior, they confirmed that the driver was "El Peter", he accelerated away and at the intersection of Calle 5, he turned and went into an alley which was a dead end, he immediately jumped from the vehicle and took off on foot, with the Police just a few metres behind.

He was captured after a few moments by the PGJE agents, and when detained he was identified as Pedro Cisneros Siva and he said he was originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

A subsequent search of the vehicle and driver turned up a bag containing crystal meth, agents also recovered a rifle, type Cleveland M92 in 7.62 x 39 calibre( Otis: this is a serbian made copy of the AK47 carbine), and a spare magazine with 17 rounds in.

The drugs,arms and suspect were put at the disposition of the PGR.

During the interrogation and without prompting, "El Peter", confessed to being the person identified by "El Chino" in the arraignment centre of SEIDO in Mexico, and to have known the exact locations of the clandestine graves.

Until the close of this edition, by clothing and affiliation one of the bodies found was identified as Rogelio Franco Carrasco "El Tyson",

The other four people buried were located with the names Martha and Lourdes, but their identities could no be confirmed, in virtue that none of their families had reported them missing.

The confession

In his declaration, the prisoner said that " always I had agreeably performed work within the criminal organisation of "La China", because they paid me, gave me drugs for my own consumption and I always wanted to belong to that group of "Los Damaso".

The subject said he had been here for three months in La Paz, Baja California Sur, after breaking up with his girlfriend in Sinaloa, who had abandoned him because of his addiction to drugs.

He commented that he arrived searching for work and to arrange his affairs, but due to his need for money, looked for work as a mechanic, which is his trade, and he managed to get a job in a garage run by the ex boyfriend of "La China", Erick Von Borstel in the Santa Fe Colonia of La Paz.

The criminal said, it was here that he met Pedro Hector Gomez Camarena "El Chino", who was the now boyfriend of Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda, who's car he fixed and cleaned.

He explained that this guy caught his attention because he was always in different cars, which "El Peter" fixed for him, in the end "El Chino" invited him to live in his house in Calle San Pedro between Avenue La Paz and Mulege in the Bellavista Colonia of La Paz.

He said that from the start he didn't see any wrong doing, until he went to a house of two floors, here he saw three vehicles, a Nissan March, a Nissan Rouge, and a Chrysler 300, this made him very suspicious because he had been fixing a Toyota Corolla and a Ford Wind star.

The prisoner signalled that it was at this house that he met "La China", who was introduced to him as the girlfriend of "El Chino", at this house he started to live together with "El Scar" and "El Tyson", and the occasional visit from Adrian Medina Velazquez "El 5" or "El Moreno".

He said that initially he only fixed vehicles, but as confidence in him grew with "El Chino", he was told that he was going to be in charge of selling drugs and disposing of bodies since our business is "selling drugs and killing".

He started going by a safe house where they had pistols and rifles, where he picked up and drove round "El Scar" who was usually in the company of "La China" and "El Chino", patrolling their plaza with assault rifles.

The numbers

Clandestine graves found in BCS


Fuente: PGJE

Narco war crimes

La Paz
La Paz
Los Cabos

Fuente: PGJE


List of disappeared in BCS

Name and Nickname
Case number
Juan Carlos Pérez Cano "El Cacachi"
13 de abril de 2010
Narco trafficking
Lisseth Soto Salinas
14 de octubre de 2010
Roberto Romero Espinoza
20 de noviembre de 2010
Narco trafficking
David Sosa
23 de octubre de 2011
Víctor Hugo Soto Ortiz
10 de julio de 2012
Narco trafficking
Héctor Manuel Diarte Aguilar "El Cleto"
10 de septiembre de 2012
Narco trafficking
Félix Beltrán Beltrán
15 de octubre de 2012
Narco trafficking
Omar Cabrera Valencia "El Chino"
11 de enero de 2013
Narco trafficking
Luis Eduardo Higuera Peralta
5 de febrero de 2013
Narco trafficking
José Isidro Castrejón Navarro "El Chilo"
8 de marzo de 2013

Elijah Warren Hernández
12 de enero de 2015
Edwin Germán Méndez Ramírez y/o Eder Samir Alamea Méndez "El Sammy"
18 de enero de 2015
Narco trafficking
Jorge Antonio Riecke Geraldo "El Conejo"
27 de enero de 2015
Narco trafficking
Esteban Geraldo Beltrán Diez "El Geras"
30 de enero de 2015
Narco trafficking
Leticia Isabel Verdugo Moreno "La Letty"
7 de febrero de 2015
Narco trafficking
Ángel Valles Delgado "El Negro"
7 de febrero de 2015
Narco trafficking
Citlalli Alejandra Ortiz Mese
11 de febrero de 2015

Narco trafficking
Miguel Ángel Bonilla Marrón
11 de febrero de 2015

Narco trafficking

Fuente: PGJE

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana

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