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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Ouster of Kubuntu founder leaves its future in doubt

Amazon releases open source cryptographic module | Turning Windows users into Linux users with MakuluLinux Aero

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Ouster of Kubuntu founder leaves its future in doubt
A disagreement between the founder of Kubuntu and the Ubuntu Community Council has roiled the Linux community and left the project rudderless, as Jonathan Riddell left Kubuntu's governing body late last month. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Silver Peak Systems Inc

5 Reasons why Enterprises are Moving to Broadband Their WAN
The WAN has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data, but the playing field has now changed with datacenters migrating to the cloud along with missioncritical applications. Ultimately the way that enterprises and their users do business has changed - and so must their approach to connectivity. Learn more >>


4 App Deployment Disasters Every Business Should Know About
Read this whitepaper to learn how to avoid these 4 common app deployment mistakes to help make your next mobile project a success. Learn More

Amazon releases open source cryptographic module
Potentially saving the world from another online security disaster like last year's Heartbleed, Amazon Web Services has released as open source a cryptographic module for securing sensitive data passing over the Internet. Read More

Turning Windows users into Linux users with MakuluLinux Aero
Did you know that hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world? As it happens, the hippo is also the mascot of one of the most impressive end user-oriented Linux distributions available, MakuluLinux, which is also interesting for another reason: it's a realistic path for migrating Linux users to Windows. Read More

Why the open source business model is a failure
Open source software companies must move to the cloud and add proprietary code to their products to succeed. The current business model is recipe for failure. That's the conclusion of Peter Levine, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm that backed Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Box as startups. Read More


Selecting a Web Content Management Solution
According to Ovum, selecting an appropriate web content management (WCM) system has become a challenge for organizations due to the array of products available. Read their latest report and find out: -How the WCM market is evolving -Why IBM Customer Experience Suite is considered a market leader Learn More

Verisign introduces new cloud-based DNS firewall
Protecting an enterprise from cyberattacks is a task that is becoming increasingly tough. Just when one thinks the problem is solved, new attack surfaces are created that open the door to new threats. Read More

8 penetration testing tools that will do the job
If the probability of your assets being prodded by attackers foreign and domestic doesn't scare the bejesus out of you, don't read this article. If you're operating in the same realm of reality as the rest of us, here's your shot at redemption via some solid preventive pen testing advice from a genuine pro. Read More

OpenSSL tells users to prepare for a high severity flaw
Server admins and developers beware: The OpenSSL Project plans to release security updates for its widely used cryptographic library that will fix a high severity vulnerability. Read More


Bringing Analytics to the Masses with OpenShift Enterprise
FICO, a data analytics software company, diversified into new markets with its core offering, which provides on-premise software to large businesses. Learn how FICO can create, customize, and deploy applications and services using RED The Decision Management Platform and more. Learn more >>

OwnCloud's new encryption framework gives enterprises more flexibility
It's no secret that security has been a tripping point for enterprises considering cloud storage, but OwnCloud on Tuesday took a fresh step toward alleviating such concerns with the addition of a new encryption framework. Read More

Clearing the fog around open switching terminology
The networking industry is making a decisive move toward open switches. Read More

IBM Power Systems GM: Big scale and big data demand OpenPower
IBM's Power Systems division – which sells servers and systems based on the Power system architecture, as opposed to the Intel-based x86 architecture used in most personal computers – had been in free-fall for some time, posting year-on-year revenue declines of up to 37% per quarter over the past couple of years. Read More

Red Hat builds on its open source storage portfolio
Red Hat continues to make inroads into the enterprise storage software market, improving two of its core storage technologies and striking partnerships with key IT system resellers. Read More


12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds and more.


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