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Monday, August 31, 2015

4 research projects that could double wireless bandwidth

Microsoft may offer some Windows 10 patch notes to enterprises | US agency to seek consensus on divisive, volatile topic of security vulnerability disclosures

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4 research projects that could double wireless bandwidth
Working in his research lab, Andrea Alu is focused on a single objective: doubling wireless bandwidth. 'The final goal is to realize a compact device that can enable full-duplex for wireless communications, transmitting and receiving at the same time on the same frequency channel,' says Alu, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at University of Texas at Austin. (Insider Story) Read More


The Need to Rethink the WAN
In this white paper, networking expert and analyst Dr. Jim Metzler tackles the challenges facing growing companies that are deploying wide area networks to expand their business. Learn more

WEBCAST: Capriza

Why Build Versus Buy is Only Half the Conversation
For mobile, you need to think beyond the usual build versus buy, given the unique factors involved. In this webinar, gain an in-depth look at 3 approaches to mobility: build, buy, and transform. Guest presenter Myckel Haghnazari, IT Director at Flex, will share how his company is tackling the mobility challenge. Learn More

Microsoft may offer some Windows 10 patch notes to enterprises
IT administrators may get more information than originally planned about Windows 10 patches, as Microsoft ponders how much to tell business customers about modifications to the new OS. Read More

US agency to seek consensus on divisive, volatile topic of security vulnerability disclosures
A U.S. agency hopes to gather security researchers, software vendors and other interested people to reach consensus on the sticky topic of how to disclose cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Beginning in September, the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will host a series of meetings intended to improve collaboration among security researchers, software vendors and IT system operators on the disclosure of, and response to, vulnerabilities. Read More

T-Mobile threatens to impose limited plans on data thiefs
T-Mobile USA is going after data thieves, which it says are taking advantage of the company's unlimited high-speed data plan through excessive tethering - the use of smartphone data service on other devices. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Dell SonicWall

The Triple-A Approach to Network Security
As an IT decision-maker, you need to know that your security will protect against cyber-attacks while still empowering employees to do their jobs. Find out the three essential factors needed to attain the coveted "Triple-A" security rating. Read the Brief. Learn More

Apple rewards CEO Tim Cook with $58M for bang-up job on Wall Street
Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this week was awarded 560,000 shares, worth approximately $57.7 million, receiving the full amount of a grant due him because of Apple's performance on Wall Street over the last two years. Read More

It was 20 years ago today ...
It was 20 years ago today ...So sang the Beatles in 1967. Other than Sergeant Pepper teaching the band how to play, I'm not sure what occurred 20 years earlier in 1947. However, 1995 is a bit clearer - it was 20 years ago today (this week) in August 1995 that Microsoft released Windows 95.Windows 95 took the world by storm. Read More

Dreamception: Deep Dreaming for iOS
The market for artificially intelligent systems has been heating up over the last few months and some of the most interesting AI-based services for everyday use are for scheduling meetings. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Raytheon | Websense

The Key to Security, Growth and Innovation
With financial losses estimated to be at least $400 million–and security incidents grew up to 66%. But, don't allow fear to stifle growth. The "Data Theft Prevention," report focuses on how to stay secure while you innovate, from a broader, in-scope, more intelligent in application perspective. Learn More

Is your DNS set up for success? Ask yourself these 4 questions
Have you ever really thought about the importance of DNS to your business? DNS stores much more than just IP addresses. Email protocols rely on DNS extensively to store information about message routing (MX records), policy (SPF records) and digital signatures (DKIM). DNS also houses cryptographic keys for not only its own security uses, but also for email and now even websites (TLSA records). The extensibility, versatility, and ubiquity of DNS makes it an ideal choice for storing all kinds of information. Because so much depends on DNS, it is a critically important service; every time you use the Internet, you're relying on DNS. Read More

Grsecurity will stop issuing patches citing trademark abuse
A major corporation is misusing grsecurity's trademarks and violating the terms of the GNU Public License – and as a consequence, the leader of the project said Wednesday, grsecurity will stop making its stable patches available to the general public. Read More

Anatomy of an IoT hack
With Internet of Things penetration set for a trillion devices by 2025, according to recent McKinsey numbers, our thoughts are, or should be, turning to security.One question that could be posed is: Just how could a future IoT attack play out? What route could it take? A security company reckons it has an answer. Read More


10 surprising facts about Microsoft

With the release of Windows 10 coming almost exactly 20 years after Microsoft introduced Windows 95, now is as good a time as ever to look at Microsoft's broad impact on the tech industry, particularly the lesser-known facts.


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