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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Starlight color video camera offer you colorful night

Hi dear,

Today I'd like to recommend you a new technology—Starlight IP camera.

What is starlight IP camera?

Starlight camera is a new type CCTV cameras that adopt 1/2 inch or above size image sensor.

Because of enlarging the sensitized area to obtain more light from the environments, this camera can display colorful image even there is a low illumination issued from daylight lamp, even stars or moon.

And it will be display good quality under  starlight or moonlight conditions,.

Starlight IP camera output full HD signal, including 960P and 1080P. Without IR LEDs, it can display good image in day or night when compared to other cameras with IR.

Here is the records about our starlight as follows:

Starlight 1.3MP:

Starlight 2.0MP


Sample test welcome!

Best Regards !

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