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Friday, August 28, 2015

Thank you Birmingham

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August 28, 2015
On Today's Program

In the news and online, it's not hard to find people speaking divisive words. People tend to avoid listening to voices that don't seem to fit with their perspective. On radio today, Glenn expressed his appreciation to the people of Birmingham, who have demonstrated how to truly be people of unity. LISTEN

Glenn posted an update on Facebook last night about how everything is coming together for Restoring Unity. No surprise, there have been some last minute changes. "My team expects it by now. They are the best," Glenn wrote. The feeling of excitement in Birmingham is palpable. Something incredible is going to happen. MORE

For anyone who wants to be a part of Restoring Unity who can't make it to Birmingham, we've teamed up with Meerkat to live stream the entire program. You'll be able to join the march and all the events virtually from your computer or mobile device, starting tonight. WATCH

A moment that changed Glenn's life happened while watching Shindler's List. It woke him up and showed him what was truly important, leaving him sobbing alone in the theater after the movie had ended. Now, as the world witnesses the growing desperation of 400,000 Christians facing annihilation in the Middle East, Glenn has suggested a new list: "Unity's List." READ

Do you know the #1 item to hoard in a crisis? Watch this controversial video before it disappears again. WATCH

"For the past 40 days we have been walking together through scripture and challenges to prepare us not only for this weekend, but also for anything that is to come," Glenn wrote. "Our time is Now." MORE

PHOTOS - Behind the scenes in Birmingham
Get a look at what's happened in Birmingham since Glenn arrived yesterday. HERE

Did you get your copy of Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam?
Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. Even though not all Islam is bad, and it's only the psychotic Islam that's bad, we are still fighting a holy war. Saying we're waging a war on anything else to be politically correct is irresponsible and dangerous. Discover from the Muslims' own words how the deep-seated hatred this violent branch of Islam has for the West is rooted in their own religious text. Order your copy HERE.

'This is a first': Donald Trump's response to Glenn's interview invitation
Glenn's staff called Donald Trump's office to invite him onto the program. Trump sent the message back that he doesn't deal with "underlings." Wow. What was Glenn's reaction? Find out HERE.

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