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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Right Scoop

The Right Scoop

Univision’s Jorge Ramos says KATE’S LAW is UNFAIR to illegal aliens!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 05:08 PM PDT

stetler ramos jorgeJorge Ramos unveiled himself as an illegal alien activist rather ...

WATCH AWESOME interview with Ted Cruz by Sarah Palin!!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 04:12 PM PDT

palin cruzI have to admit I wasn’t terribly impressed by the ...

Global Warming will WIPE OUT American CITIES!! – Obama hoax fear-mongering

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 02:40 PM PDT

obama_arrogantObama has always blamed George W. Bush of fear-mongering over ...

BREAKING! Suspect has been CHARGED in execution murder of Houston Deputy!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 01:49 PM PDT

goforth killedIt looks like the “person of interest” that police said ...

Muslim Terrorist who Homeland Security says is a THREAT to national security just got a TRUCKING LICENSE!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 01:21 PM PDT

amir minnesotaYou know it’s one thing to have a terrorist threat ...

‘Black Lives Matter’ activists trying to SHUT DOWN Minnesota State Fair! [VIDEOS]

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 11:55 AM PDT

black fairApparently the morons of the Black Lives Matter movement think ...

HORRIFIC: Images of CHILDREN drowned trying to escape Syria shared on social media

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 11:37 AM PDT

syria assadThis is heartbreakingly sad and evil. Social media is exploding ...

Trump TRASHES Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 10:43 AM PDT

trump_makeamericagreatagainIn another crowd-pleasing move, Donald Trump absolutely POUNCED on Hillary’s ...

Huckabee says Boehner’s insult to Cruz HELPED his campaign! Wants to be insulted too!!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 09:30 AM PDT

mike huckabeeHuckabee had a pretty funny reaction to Hugh Hewitt asking ...

PC POLICE ALERT!! MSNBC deems another word RACIST: ‘resilient’!!

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 08:53 AM PDT

tracie washingtonErstwhile Civil Rights Attorney and full-time moron Tracie Washington went ...

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