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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I’ve listened

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August 27, 2015
On Today's Program

After his walkthrough of the venue tonight, Glenn will kick things off with a live book signing from Birmingham where he will discuss It IS About Islam and how we can stand up and let the world know that Never Again is Now. Don't miss the beginning of the movement! Watch Glenn live tonight HERE.

Glenn's staff called Donald Trump's office yesterday to invite him onto the program. Trump sent the message back that he doesn't deal with "underlings." Wow. What was Glenn's reaction? Find out HERE.

"Yesterday I saw two people murdered," Glenn wrote. "For the first time a real murder, not TV or a movie but a cold blooded killing. Death and darkness. What did that do to all of us? Did we even stop to realize that this was the first time for most of us, or did it feel familiar because we have seen police shows?" MORE

A young member of Glenn's studio audience yesterday asked Glenn how to get people her age more involved in making America a better place. Glenn's response? "Don't ask permission," Glenn said. "You just do it." Find out why Glenn thinks this is important. WATCH

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The 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge — Day 39
"Over the past 40 days, you have prepared yourself with the truth by reading God's word," Glenn wrote. "You have taken time to prepare for whatever is to come. Now you must decide how you will stand for the truth. This will be a decision you must make and only you know what it will look like." WATCH

Why Glenn believes we're in for a worldwide 'shaking of the ground'
Glenn shared something about Jeremiah 7 on radio yesterday that he wasn't prepared to share. Then the shooting in Virginia happened and in the middle of a sentence he stopped and began sharing very raw thoughts. MORE

What did Glenn say was 'masterfully done by Donald Trump'?
At a press conference Tuesday, Donald Trump did something that Glenn called "absolutely unbelievable" and "masterfully done" on radio today. While he hasn't had very many good to say about Trump in the past, Glenn was quick to acknowledge Trumps boldness when he saw it. "He does not flinch. He does not look nervous," Glenn said. MORE

Tickets nearly sold out for Restoring Unity in Birmingham
We are creating a new Schindler's List. Help us save lives. Never again is now. Join the movement HERE

Watch Restoring Unity live and FREE online
For anyone who wants to be a part of Restoring Unity who can't make it to Birmingham, we've prepared a special way to view the entire event free – and LIVE – from your computer or mobile device. Learn how HERE.

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