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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Low Testosterone Shysters and Liars

Yesterday I shot you an email about the changes
I'm making to my training program.
In the email I mentioned that I'll be taking a break
from my typical lifting routine in order to rebalance my 
muscular, hormonal and nervous systems.  
It's kinda like taking your car to the mechanic to have
the wheels rotated and balanced, getting an oil change
and replacing the belts and shocks, and stuff.
Pretty normal for someone who drives their car a lot 
and would like to keep it running smoothly for several
years to come... 
At least that's how my simple brain thinks of it. 

Anyway, one reader responded to my email 
suggesting that maybe I was just getting old, and my
testosterone levels have dropped? 
Since I've never had my "T Levels" tested, I couldn't 
argue with the dude. 
But in my twenty years of studying health and fitness, I 
have learned that testosterone levels are highly
influenced by your lifestyle.
"Low T Dude" might bitch and moan about his plummeting
libido, man-tits and dimwittedness... blaming it on age, or
some other testosterone terrorist. 
But The Hulseinator deposits logic grenades into the heart of
his argument with a simple question launcher - DESTROYING
all of the nonsense!
Simple Question BOMB #1 - Are you sleeping a full 8 hours
every night?  Are you getting to bed before midnight?
Simple Question BOMB #2 - Are you eating mostly whole
foods?  Are you eating fresh fruits and veggies?  Are you
getting enough natural fats in your diet?

Simple Question BOMB #3 - What makes you happy? Are
you living life as a slave? Or do you regularly make time for
recreation and rest? 
Hark! These are powerful Low-T-BS Destroying questions!
So be careful how you handle them.
Your hormones are highly effected by the choices you make.

Are you making the right choices? 

If you're not sure, then review the seven points (bombs!) in
The 7 Worst Testosterone Killers - every single one of 
these killers can easily be sniped-out by you, if you know
what you're doing.

This report might help show you how:

Keep Growing Stronger, 
Elliott Hulse
3608 Morris St.
St. Petersburg FL 33713

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