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Monday, August 24, 2015

3 big shot "YouToo" celebrities (in real life)

Yesterday afternoon I took my Hulse clan, plus mother-in-law, 
sister-in-law, two nephews and two nieces (12 of us in all),
out to lunch to celebrate Colleen's mother's birthday.
Anyway, a few years ago it was typical to see someone finish
their meal in a restaurant, then light up a cigarette right there at the
Now-a-days, most people fire up their iPhones or and-roids 
at the table after a good meal... well, at least I do. 
Shortly after firing up, I noticed an update message for a secret
app I used named "Facebook Mentions".
You wouldn't know about this app unless you had a verified
Facebook Fanpage, and only big shot "YouToo" celebrities like
myself get that kind of baller status. 
Anyway, the app update came with a pleasant new surprise... 
Facebook Live Streaming. 
Yup, Facebook is playing the me-too game with Perisope (which
is owned by Twitter) and some other app, think it's called Muskrat
or something like that, with live streaming video. 
Well, as soon as I got home I turned on the app to see if this new
feature was the real-deal.

Within ten seconds of selfie-cam talking and making funny faces
I realized that there were over 10,000 fans watching me and my 
kids acting the fool.
The crazy thing is that after the live broadcast, the recorded video
stayed active on Facebook's walls where over 171,000 people have
already watched my non-sensical live ramblings. 
Anyway.... this got me thinking about how dope it is that we live
in a world where we can connect so quickly, easily and on such 
a large scale. 
But you know what they say about pendulums, trends and seasons
... right?
They always reverse themselves; things come full circle; what goes
up must come down (you get the point). 
And right now I think social media is about to make a rapid change
in the opposite direction.
People want realness. 
Live streaming is realness.
But do you know what's even more real than live streaming?
LIVE beings... ya know?
Like real human beings; warts, farts, bad breath and all. 
You may have not seen me as active on YouToo, FB 
and IG as I used to be... because I'm doing real people shit. 
Like the Grow Stronger Experience thing I'm doing in Tampa
later this fall. 
Like the NonJobs Summit (for business rebels) thing I'm also
doing later this fall. 
And of course, all of you super strong badasses are going to be
joining me and the whole Strength Camp crew in November 
These are all LIVE opportunities to learn, train and play with
me for-real, for-real. 
And I'm looking forward to meeting you real people there, and
doing some real people stuff together.
Keep Growing Stronger, 
Elliott Hulse
P.S - Oh... and do you know who Chris Jones (physiques of greatness)
and Brandon Carter are? 
They are real-people YouToo celebrities that are going to be 
at the Strength Camp Challenge also.  
So you'll get to chill and possibly train with them too.

3608 Morris St.
St. Petersburg FL 33713

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